Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Lippie Awards 2013

And the Lippie Award goes to…

LIPPIE OF THE YEAR: Heroine. The most coveted lippie and no wonder they made it permanent just in time for 2014's Color of theYear (Radiant Orchid). 

COLOR OF THE YEAR: Taupey Nudes. The grey taupey nudes that came out in the RiRi and Divine Night collections were hot and hard to get. 

FINISH OF THE YEAR: Retro Matte. So popular that Mac released more colors and many companies followed suit trying to mimic but not getting close. 

TREND OF THE YEAR: Ombre. The popularity and variety of this look expanded with companies creating 'ombré' products from nail polishes to blushes. 

SEASONAL SHADE OF THE YEAR: Oxblood. Dark, vampy rich lippies won out as year ended. 

DRUGSTORE BRAND OF THE YEAR: WetnWild. Consistently winning out in super affordability and dupe abilit
y-this lip product also has the lowest lead content of many lippies on the market! Win-win!

FAN FAV OF THE YEAR: Pink. Hot pink, bright fuchsia, you name it - bold-in-your-face Pink! 

What were your favs in 2013?

Stay sweet lovelies!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Definitive Dupe Guide for Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. Lippies!

Here is my definitive guide to dupes. It'll help you get back-ups and find alternatives to the hottest, hyped lippies from M.A.C. in 2013. One thing to note about dupes and the whole 'dupe theory' is that many lippies will be close in color but not in the finish. So while you may get something that matches closely, you will probably not get the same finish. Alas, c'est la vie. 

Most of the lippies from Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. were Retro Matte finishes (RiRiWoo, RiRiBoy, Heaux, Talk That Talk) and others were Matte finishes (Pleasurebomb, Bad Girl RiRi, Nude) and one Frost finish (Who's That Chick).

Additional swatches of dupes will be posted.
Not all dupe swatches are posted.

RiRiWoo = M.A.C. Ruby Woo
Color: cool blue-based red
Finish: Retro Matte
The version created for Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. is only slightly different (a touch bluer) from the original cult classic, Ruby Woo. To the naked eye, you won't be able to tell the difference.
At the time of this post that you can still get RiRiWoo from the maccosmetics.com. I use this more than Ruby Woo and I have several backups. 

Other Dupes: 
NYX Matte Lipstick in "Perfect Red".
Finish: Matte
WetnWild Stoplight Red
Finish: Semi-Matte

Heaux = NYX Merlot Matte Lipstick
Color: deep berry
Finish: Retro Matte
It's been a long argument on the net about M.A.C.'s Rebel being a dupe where some say yes, others say no. While it is still in the same color family, the finish is different being a satin and more purply. The NYX Merlot is a matte and is a much closer match.

Other Dupes:
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil "Damned"
Finish: Matte 
WetNWild "Cherry Picking"
Finish: Semi-Matte
UPDATED: I swatched KatvonD's Bauhau5 (formerlyMau5) Liquid Lipstick recently. 
It's very matte and dry but the color is the rich berry of Heaux.
Rimmel Kate 107
Finish: Cream

RiRiBoy = M.A.C. Up the Amp (Amplified Finish)
Color: vivid lavender
Finish: Retro Matte
When this came out, it was hot and still is being it's a purply lippie. It looked like Up The Amp's Retro Matte version.

Other Dupes:
Revlon "Berry Haute"
Finish: Creme
CG "Divine" Lasting Lipcolor
Finish: Creme
NEW LORAC "Free Spirit"
Finish: Matte

Talk That Talk = M.A.C. Fixed on Drama
Color: dark plum
Finish: Retro Matte
This lippie was very dry when I applied it. In my review I gave it a 3/5 lippies.
It reminded me of M.A.C.'s Fixed on Drama: exact color but applied better however that is another Limited Edition! So basically if you have that or any other "Oxblood" color lipstick, you'll be on trend for this lippie. I posted a lip comparison chart and you can see 
how close it is in color to other lipsticks on the market.

Other Dupes:
WetnWild "Cherry Bomb"
Finish: Semi-Matte
M.A.C. Media
Finish: Satin
Milani "Black Cherry"
Finish: Matte

Nude = NYX Butter Matte Lipstick
Color: cool nude cream
Finish: Matte
The surprising hit out of the collection was the cool taupe nude recalling the grunge look of the 90s or as I like to call them "zombie lips" which is how it'll look like on lighter complexions. The amazing thing was finding a dupe in the NYX line again. NYX's Butter Matte lipstick is the same cool taupe nude. A darker version that works well also is the NYX Maison Matte lipstick.

UPDATE: The Buffs by Maybelline has 2 taupe lipsticks that are close dupes.
1) Touchable Taupe - 940 a dark taupe nude
2) Sin-A-Mon - 935 a light taupe nude
Cream finish
3) Raw Reveal LE Maybelline "Dare to Be Bold" collection
4) M.A.C. Stone lip pencil (perm)
>>Check out my review on them for swatches and more!<<

Who's That Chick = CG Temptation Lip Perfection 
Color: mid-tone orange
Finish: Frost
This lipstick is a great topper or combiner to create ombre lip looks. Frost lippies aren't hard to find at the drugstore. I'm sure I'll be adding more to this list.

Other Dupes:
Milani "Orangina"
Finish: Frost
NEW: Mac "Meltdown"
Finish: Frost

Pleasurebomb = Pleasure Bomb This!
Color: bright fuchsia
Finish: Matte
I never bothered looking for a dupe for this one. I just made it at home with two M.A.C. lippies.
RiRiWoo + Candy YumYum

Here's the recipe:
1. Line your lips with M.A.C. Cherry Lipliner
2. Swipe RiRiWoo once
3. Swipe Candy Yum Yum twice
…and watch it transform in to a bright matte fuchsia!
I get compliments on this all the time.
Easy peasey lemon squeezy!

Other Dupes:
Revlon Cherries in the Snow
Finish: Creme
Mac Moxie LE
Finish: Matte

Bad Girl RiRi = NYX Euro Trash Matte lipstick
Color: taupey nude
Finish: Matte
This nude lippie is warmer and rosier in tone than the Nude. 

Try UD Naked or Mac Beurre Lip liners.

How are you liking the dupes?

Stay sweet lovelies!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pleasurebomb This!

Pleasurebomb This Lips!

So M.A.C.'s online launch of Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. Holiday collection bombed today. For me after I got through the waiting room in 15 minutes after the 12pm EST launch time, all the lipsticks were SOLD OUT with the exception of RiRiWoo. Now RiRiWoo is also sold out. Others reported that it was sooner than that like 5 minutes after they logged onto the site. Still others reported getting through immediately and being able to purchase all three. The sad part was when the reports came in of having put the lipstick product in the chart but it was gone when they went to pay. These things are serious fails and M.A.C. needs to fix this overall online experience!

At this point and IMO, the only way M.A.C. can redeem themselves would be to relaunch the collection as they did with Marilyn and provide plenty of product to meet demands to their loyal customer base. The limited quantities have gotten ridiculous to the point where places have only received 3 lipsticks? Not fair.

Well even though the collection has yet to come out to the stores, I remember how it was the previous RiRi launch and that proved to be annoying as well. Plus it'll be at the height of the holiday shopping season. Madness at the stores! I'm skipping. Although as everyone else wants these lippies, if I get them cool, if not, I've created my own homemade dupe!

Using M.A.C. Candy Yum Yum and RiRiWoo lined with M.A.C. Cherry lipliner, I think I got a pretty close match just by eyeballing it. Heck how can you mess up a matte bright fuchsia? It ain't rocket science. Anyway, I'm rocking this lippie and happy to have saved a few bucks. Besides even though M.A.C. is whack, we still go back! (…and we all still love 'em.) Admit it! Plus there are upcoming collections! Gotta get ready for that. But seriously, M.A.C. does needs to fix this online shopping experience. Sometimes crappy customer service can outweigh the name of the brand no matter how famous it is.

Pleasurebomb This Lips: homemade dupe using CandyYumYum & RiRi Woo; Cherry lipliner

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
Please when sharing pics, link back to this blog. 

M.A.C. Hautecore 2013 Review

M.A.C. Hautecore 2013 Review
Not everybody loves black lipstick. Not everybody wears black lipstick.
The thought alone conjures up images of spookiness, black magic, black cats and witchcraft. 
Hey isn't it the lipstick you would dare to wear on that one night of the year…Halloween? 

Black lipstick has come a long way. There are several companies that offer their version. M.A.C. went ahead and released another version. Hautecore is a  matte finish. While the matte finish leaves much to be desired, I had to swipe several times to get the full coverage you see below. There was still a sheen to the finish, not quite the matte I was hoping for. If you didn't get this lippie, it will be released again in the upcoming Punk Couture collection due out on Dec. 26th.

But back to black. It doesn't have to be a scary color. And frankly it's not. It is a chic color. I created other looks using Hautecore that are wearable everyday. The Soft Black look creates a sheer wash and your underlying lip color shows thru. No one would ever figure out that it was black lipstick you were wearing! Shhh…don't tell!

And you can add glitter and pigments and gloss too. There's much to play with and do with a black lippie. Yes black is black. But for this lippie, thinking outside the box will help in lip wear mojo. And a little confidence too. I always say, "Life's too short not to!".

M.A.C. Hautecore Matte Lipstick for Black Friday 2013

My take on black lipstick: Soft Black Lips creating a sheer wash using OCC

2 Liplooks ~ same lipstick! 

Ombre of the Week using M.A.C. Hautecore and M.A.C. Nocturnals Glitter & Pigments
Did you get your Black Friday Hautecore lippie?

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

YSL Glossy Stains Review 2

Yves Saint Laurent
Rouge pur Couture
Vernis a Levres
Rebel Nudes and 
Glossy Stains

YSL Violet Edition #1 - Lined with Mac Nightmoth.

Violet Edition YSL Glossy Stain 1

As you can see I've gotten a few more of the YSL Glossy Stains.
These are phenomenal and I'm happy with the colors that I've gotten.
Violet Edition is a deep violet plum. I used Mac Nightmoth to line and you can fill in before applying.
It deepens the color. I get so many compliments wearing this one!
Rating: 5/5

YSL Rouge Gouache #11 - Lined with Mac Cherry

Rouge Goauche - YSL Glossy Stain 11
The YSL Rouge Goauche is a beautiful red. It's so Marilyn. 
I used Mac Cherry lipliner before applying several layers. Love this!
Rating: 5/5

YSL Rose Baby Doll - Limited Edition Glossy Stain

Rose Baby Doll - YSL LE
The YSL Rose Baby Doll is a limited edition glossy stain. It's only available online at Sephora.com. However last I checked there were some available at stores if you typed in your zip. My zip yielded nothing. There are other shades that are also only available online.
I love pink and this is another winner.
Rating: 5/5

YSL Reckless Pink 110 - Lined with Mac HipnHappy

Reckless Pink - YSL 110 - A sheer golden pink Rebel Nude Glossy Stain
The YSL Reckless Pink 110 is a glossy stain from YSL Rebel Nudes collection.
Different from the original glossy stains as these have Euphoric Pearl technology.
It's very sheer, pale pin and it's a golden pink. I used Mac HipnHappy to line.
This is a nice, natural switch-up to the bold glossy stains I've featured thus far.
Rating: 5/5

In addition, the last I checked on Sephora.com 
the Glossy Stains that are only available online are:
6 Camel Croisiere
9 Rouge Laque
12 Coril Fauve
14 Fuchsia Dore
19 Beige Aquarelle
27 Peche Cerra-Cola
26 Violine Surrealiste
23 Fuchsia Cubiste
29 Rose Forreau

Where to get them? Sephora or Sephora.com
How much: $34
0.20 oz with doe-foot applicator
To me, it smells like wine! 
J'aime le maquillage français!

Have you tried any YSL Glossy Stains or Glossy Stains Rebel Nudes?
What are your favs?

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Lipscape Review 2

Lipscape Review 2
~new improved formula~

I was asked by the lovely Ingrid Butler, creator of Lipscape, 
handmade lipstick inspired by her love of geography to review her newly reformulated lippies. 
I was delighted that she asked me and was even more so to hear of the changes. 
It's great when cosmetics companies listen and seek to improve their products!
With that, onto the review!

The 2 lippies I received were:
These are both listed as 'Fall Favorites' on the yourlipscape.com site.
And rightly so, as they are on trend for fall!

Jacobin Lips: black cherry lipstick
Jacobin Lips

This lippie is a 'black cherry lipstick' with purple undertones and 'is named for "The Black Jacobins"--better known as the revolutionary-thinking enslaved Haitians of 1791…" according to the site. 
The formula is much-improved. The overpowering buttercream scent is gone and replaced by a subtle cocoa scent (at least that's what it smelled like to me!). It went on smooth, was comfortably matte but not drying at all. For this lippie, I used Mac Nightmoth lipliner which blended perfectly. Reminds me of the very trendy fall lippies that are out there. 
Rating: 5/5

Embargo Lips: grey-periwinkle-pewter lipstick

Embargo Lips
This lippie is a 'grey-periwinkle-pewter lipstick named after the embargo put in place by the US government following the Cuban Revolution" according to the site. 
This is such an interesting color. Frankly, it looks like the color of my porch! It's a flat grey with a tinge of blue. A little pasty going on but I am definitely digging it! Formula is a comfortable matte. On trend again for fall because I can blend this color with lipliners and the 'zombie look' has been "in" especially with grayish nudes released in recent collections. But I don't look like a zombie when I'm wearing this!
For this lippie, I used NYX Retractable Eyeliner in Gray which blended in perfectly.
Rating: 5/5

All lippies are handmade and vegan. Retail for $15. The site offers free shipping for orders over $50 anywhere in the US. And the entire collection is on sale for $115.00. 

Have you tried Lipscape lippies?
What are your favs?

Stay sweet lovelies!

Disclaimer: Products in the review were provided by the company. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Holiday Gift Buying Guide for Lipstick Lovers

Holiday Gift Buying Guide for Lipstick Lovers

I figure I'd start compiling a little gift guide for the lipstick lover in all of us. I spotted this first item at Sephora (where else?). I'm going to keep adding more to this list so there will be other ideas!

1. Give Me More Lip
Give Me More Lip: Ultimate Lip Sampler
A beautiful set from Sephora that not only contains many trials sizes of lippies 
but also full-sizes as well. A super deal for $59.
The box set is split up into 4 color groups.
Inside the box!
I've only played with 1 tube and I will be taking my time exploring the set. You'll need it because there's so much in there and the combinations are endless!

2. M.A.C. Stroke of Midnight
While I haven't gotten these myself, I'm hoping they'll be under the tree, these are lovely lip sets that have one lipstick, lipliner, gloss in a lip bag. All Limited Edition packaging. 
There are 2 sets for $39.50. No Pro discounts apply.
Violet set contains:
Dark Deed Lipstick (darkened blood red - amplified)
Art of Seduction Gloss (cool nude with gold frost - cremesheen)
Vino Lipliner (intense violet purple)

Nude set contains:
Creme D'Nude Lipstick (pale muted peach beige - cremesheen)
Softly Lit Gloss (soft beige with pink frost - crem sheen)
Boldy Bare Lipliner (dirty red brown)

3. YSL Love and Lacquer Reds Set
This is a gorgeous set for red lipstick and nail lovers!
Considering that one Glossy Stain costs $34,
this is a steal to get the matching nail color and mascara too.
If you've been itching to try YSL, this makes a nice gift and won't break the bank!
What it contains:
1 Glossy Stain No. 9 in Rouge Laque
1 Laque No. 1 in Pop Art
1 Baby Doll Mascara in Fetish Black

Retails on Sephora.com for $58.00.

Keep checking back for more gift ideas!

Stay sweet lovelies!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Limited Edition Mac Divine Night Holiday Collection 2013

Limited Edition 
Mac Divine Night 
Holiday Collection 2013
All 5 lipsticks from the Mac Divine Night Holiday Collection 2013
Mac's Limited Edition Divine Night Collection for the holidays is here! If you're reading this post now, well the collection has been out since October 17th in stores. Hopefully you were able to get what you wanted. Here are the products I purchased and my review. 

I received notification of the release via text but was sad to see that there was no pro discount. 
For those who have the pro discount, you know and probably are feeling the pinch since the Rihanna collection where there was no pro discount either. I hope that Mac is not going to continue with this trend on Limited Editions lipsticks and/or collections because at the $16.50 price point, it adds up.

This collection is perfect for the holidays though! 
Many items are great to add to your makeup arsenal and enhance your holiday look. 
For myself, I purchased the Limited Edition Fluidline Gel Eyeliner. 
I like when Mac releases unique eyeliner shades and the "Deliciously Rich" is a shimmering dirty taupe. Perfect addition to a smokey eye look!

Please note: typo on pics, should be 'Divine Night'.

Delicious Rich Fluidline Eyeliner Gel and Military Nail Lacquer
Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Mystery, Orpheus and Raven.
The "Military" nail polish looks chic and I can see myself rocking this for New Year's. 
It is a black matte with silver suede pearl.

And I also love Mac's Kohl Power Eye Pencils so I got Mystery, Orpheus and Raven.
They are all black eyeliners but with variations of colors and a pearl finish.
Orpheus is an intense black with gold pearl.
Raven is an intense black with red pearl.
Mystery is an intense black with green pearl. 
I already have Feline which is the best black eyeliner out there!

Onto the lippie review:
All lipsticks come in a classy matte black tube with gold on the inner tube.
The box is matte black with gold lettering.
Exclusive Event - taupe brown.

If you didn't get your hands on the Rihanna "Nude', this lippie fits the bill.
It is a greyish dark nude brown aka 'zombie lips'. The satin finish goes on smooth.
Very trendy color.

Rating: 5/5
Private Party - dirty mauve plum.

Another satin lippie that looks like a dirty mauve. Classy.
Rating: 5/5
You've Got It - pink undertone with gold frost.
Versatile frost lippie. Personally, I'm surprised. I tend to steer clear of frosts however I've come across some winners. I can wear as-is for a pale lip look or combine with liners and glosses totally transforming the color. This is also great to add on-top of other lippies.
Rating: 5/5

Here's why I really like this frost lippie. Combined with a liner, you can create new lip colors. I used the Raven eyeliner from this collection and blended together: I get a really cool frosty grey lippie. 
Adding a gloss on top makes it more interesting.
I used YSL #18 Golden Gloss.

Frostie Grey Lips: created using the Mac Raven, You've Got It and YSL #18.
Flair for Finery - cool pink/nude.
M.A.C. always throws in a nude lippie into all it's collections. This isn't a bad nude. But it's dupable. It's also a Lustre finish meaning it goes on sheer with buildable color but it doesn't last long. 
Also it doesn't look anything like the swatch on the maccosmetics.com site. 
Rating: 4/5

Prepare for Pleasure - clean magenta red.

This is a nice cremesheen red lippie. It's snazzy enough for holiday wear however being a cremesheen, it doesn't last long either. It doesn't look anything like the swatch on the maccosmetics.com site and M.A.C. describes this as a 'clean magenta red'. I took macro shots of this and there is gold shimmer. 
If you need a red or are just a lover of red lipsticks, by all means pick up this one.  
Rating: 4/5

Happy Holidays! Even if it is early!
Stay sweet lovelies.

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
Please when sharing pics, link back to this blog. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

L'Oreal LeMatte + LaLaque ColourRiche Lip Pens

L'Oreal LeMatte + LaLaque ColourRiche Lip Pens

All Lip Pens featured except #411
Rave reviews. Limited Edition.
Question: Is it worth the hype?

Well let me say this first, you'll be lucky if you can find them.
If you do, get any that you can (and leave some for somebody else would be nice).
These I found at Walgreens and Target. Will they eventually trickle down to other locations or not, I don't know, but I do know that they don't last that long on the shelf anyway. My Walgreens had received 2 shipments but they were gone and then they received no more.
You'll have to trek to numerous locations to see if they have them. Good luck.
With the way makeup companies are playing the "Limited Edition" game, finding these kinds of lipsticks is becoming a rather difficult task!

If you're up for the challenge, here's what you'll get.
No liners used unless noted.

Le Matte
4 lip pens with a velvety matte finish.
Feels lightweight on lips.
Love the texture on these and I can use liners to create lip looks.
Not drying at all.

No Matte-R What - 403
A velvety and versatile matte nude lippie.
Rating: 5/5

Matte-R of Fact - 404

A velvety matte vampy burgundy red lippie.
Rating: 5/5

She's So Matte - 408
A velvety matte coral pink lippie.
Rating: 5/5

Matte for Me - 409

A velvety matte cherry red lip bordering on fuchsia really.
Rating: 5/5

LA Laque
4 lip pens with a glossy finish.
I can feel the 'lacqueredness' on lips.
Put too much on and it'll feel like you shellac'ed your lips.
Not much is needed for full coverage.
It's not super glossy but there's enough shine to differentiate it from the matte.
Not drying at all either.

Never Laque-ing - 411

A glossy neutral pink lippie.
Rating: 5/5

Lacquer-ized - 412
Lacquerized - 412 (taken in studio lights; no flash)

A glossy hot pink lippie with purple tones.
Added Note: This one was interestingly difficult to photograph. Perhaps my camera has reached 'burn-out' mode. I decided to go back and do flash photo with this one. However I'm going to post the original in studio lights one on here as well. My studio lights made it look more purple!!
 I think this lippie is going to look different on everybody.
Rating: 5/5

Lacque-onic - 413

A glossy glam blue-red lippie.
Rating: 5/5

I Laque You Alot - 414

A glossy orangey red lippie.
Rating: 5/5

Final thoughts:
L'Oreal tautes this as a 'lipstick and lipliner in one'.
For all the shots unless otherwise specified, I used the pen to line my lips. The sharp double-angled tip gave precision however once you wear that down you're left with a rounded nub. 
There's not a lot of product in the pen too.
Seen below is how much you get for roughly $7.99.
And the longwear you get with hi-end matte and retro's aren't going to be found here. 
You're going to be reapplying... 3 hours at most if you're not drinking and eating.

Full length of lip pen contains (not even a full tube of lipstick)
The novelty and 'hotness' factor is that it's a lipstick in a pen. Convenient to carry, chic to pull out and it's offered in 2 hot finishes. No wonder Revlon is jumping on the bandwagon and 
releasing their version of this.

I didn't get backups and that's ok. I like to try different trendy collections but much of what is featured in this collection are dupable colors or colors I already have. They altered their traditional lipstick formula in terms of texture but left their notable and distinct powdery soft floral scent 
which greets you as you open the tube. 
I personally have no qualms with it and love the scent. And 'tongue-in-cheek' names.

So all in all, if you see this at the store, try not to jump up and down too much, 
but I won't blame you if you do.

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
Please when sharing pics, link back to this blog.