Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Archie's Girls Mac Collection

I succumbed. But I only got two. There's too much duping and the limited editions 'thingy'.,,you know...people get pumped, things get sold out, stuff winds up on eBay for a gazillion dollars. You get my drift?

Yet you like the idea of the packaging and the presentation of the collection especially if paired with something from popular culture, so well in my case, I caved in. Didn't go overboard though. Just a couple of things. 

Originally I had placed the Betty Bright lipstick and the Betty Pearlmatte Face Powder along with Veronica's Ronnie Red and Veronica's Pearlmatte Face Powder (the one with the cute hearts) in the shopping cart. However before I knew it, the Betty Bright lipstick was sold out! 

Oh darn! Well thinking to I really need a satin peachy coral lipstick? No I certainly have something similar and I can mix one up myself with all the tubes of OCC Lip Tars I have. 

The thing is yes, I already have colors that are similar to the ones in the collection. Yes there are slight variations, slight. I noticed the Ronnie Red would be a close dupe to Mac's Ruby Woo only with a slight variation (another blogger posted swatches). 

So what happened? Well I just got the Ronnie Red lipstick and the Veronica Pearlmatte Face Powder. I'm a brunette (use to be blonde for years) and I like red lipsticks and I could use face powder with more pink versus coral now (did you notice all the 'ands'? line of reasoning, hee, hee)...Cute treat just in time for Valentine's.

What did you get? Did you succumb to this collection? How do you feel about limited edition collections?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NYX Matte Lipsticks

I've been wearing these on a pretty consistent  basis. Simply because they last long. It seems the older I get the more wear I look for in a lipstick. I used to be a lipgloss girl in my 20s now I'm really into the mattes, amplifieds, and opaques. And no I don't easily share my age, you'll have to guesstimate but let's not go there! 

So the breakdown of the NYX Matte Reds:
1. Indie Flick: bright neon red-orange. I love this. It pops! 
2. Pure Red: is your classic red in a tube.
3. Perfect Red: now we're in the blue zone. A blue-red.
4. Bloody Mary: is a pink-red.
5. Alabama: is your maroonish red. 

Again NYX is great quality at the right price. If you're a newbie to 'red lips', this is a great way to experiment with the different ranges of red. Make sure to use lip balm, prep your lips along with your face by using primer/foundation/powder. Line your lips and apply! I'm working on a pic tutorial to show you how I do it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Have a good one!

Do you have a favorite matte lipstick?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils

These are amazing! I finally got a chance to try them. I seriously have a backlog of lippies that have yet to be used! NYX makes really good products for a great price. They always have sales on NYX so you can experiment and try new colors. I got the range of reds and a pink lip pencil. The texture is very creamy and smooth. The reds are very pigmented.
  • The "Plush Red" was my first try and I really love the vibrant cool red color. Gorgeous!
  • The second favorite is the "Deep Red". While it looks dark, there's a richness to it that pops when you wear it. I would describe it as a deep blue-red. 
  • "Hot Red" is a slight variation of the "Plush Red". You can see below on the swatches that it's more of a red-orange than the red-pink that "Plush Red" is. 
  • Next is "Narcisse" which is a vampy red that leans toward red-purple.
  • Finally the "Hera" is a frosty blue-pink that is somewhat sheer.
I really like these lip pencils for the price and variety even if you have to sharpen them. These lip pencils are fun to wear and when you want to switch up colors without paying a bundle. I always prep my lips with EOS Lip Balm, primer, foundation and powder. Then I line my lips and apply. These would not be my go-to lippies if I want my lipstick to last really long. I haven't tested the wear on them in terms of hours but having worn lipstick for my lifetime, I can say it doesn't have the staying power of the NYX Matte lipsticks (for ex). Regardless I do enjoy them. It's like having a lipstick in a pencil. I'm sure there are dupes for these in the NYX line itself. I spotted a couple and will do some comparisons later. Anyway, swatches include one taken with flash and without flash. Enjoy.
Have you tried these? Any favs? Any nays?

Please link back to this blog when sharing photos. Thanks!

My Love Affair with Red Lipstick

Well, it's more like an obsession?... fetish?... makes me feel all warm and gooey inside? Probably all of the above! Red lipstick represents for me: strength, confidence and creativity. I wore red lipstick back during my undergrad days when I was in my most creative and productive period of my life. A woman who can wear red lipstick will feel that I guarantee it. The lipstick I wore back then was from Estee Lauder. It was a classic red in the gold case. I don't remember what the name was. I guess it could be a project for me to find out and not that hard of one. I stopped wearing red lipstick and it wasn't until many years later that I rekindled my love of it so much so that I started getting every shade of red that I was drawn to. I don't believe in makeup rules necessarily. The "choose your shade of red for your skin tone" I blatantly disregard. I wear every shade of red (and finish/matte/glossy/cream/sheer) from yellow-red, orange-red, red-orange, pink-red, red-pink, blue-red, red-blue, brown-red, black-red, etc. And they all look great. Each has it's own personality and emotional expression. This gallery shot is only a fraction of the red lipsticks I have. I will eventually post individual reds and talk about them. Perhaps you have red lipstick story. I'd like to hear it. Thanks for stopping by!

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I'm blogging! Yay!

The beautiful Marilyn. Her expression is exactly how I feel about beauty blogging. Like, yeah!

Finally, I'm blogging. Yay! Blogging about makeup that is. Well I started to blog on other topics but with everything else I do just never seemed to have the time or energy for it. For this instance, I felt that it was time to have a blog 'presence'. As for the blog name, I went through a bunch of names from "lipstickuniverse" to "lipstickprincess". I settled on "The Lipstick Duchess" because I didn't think anybody else thought of themselves as a Duchess of Lipstick. Heck, everybody wants to be Lipstick Queen or even Lipstick Princess but I didn't want to duke it out (no pun intended) for those titles, hence taking the title of Duchess. And why not, we have the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and she's pretty hip. Also interestingly enough, I researched the title of Duchess which historically came with the most power and prestige and is the grandest title that can be offered. So while there are queens and princesses of lipstick out there, there is only one Duchess! Ha, welcome to my blog!

~The Lipstick Duchess aka Duchess of Lipstick.