Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Archie's Girls Mac Collection

I succumbed. But I only got two. There's too much duping and the limited editions 'thingy'.,,you know...people get pumped, things get sold out, stuff winds up on eBay for a gazillion dollars. You get my drift?

Yet you like the idea of the packaging and the presentation of the collection especially if paired with something from popular culture, so well in my case, I caved in. Didn't go overboard though. Just a couple of things. 

Originally I had placed the Betty Bright lipstick and the Betty Pearlmatte Face Powder along with Veronica's Ronnie Red and Veronica's Pearlmatte Face Powder (the one with the cute hearts) in the shopping cart. However before I knew it, the Betty Bright lipstick was sold out! 

Oh darn! Well thinking to I really need a satin peachy coral lipstick? No I certainly have something similar and I can mix one up myself with all the tubes of OCC Lip Tars I have. 

The thing is yes, I already have colors that are similar to the ones in the collection. Yes there are slight variations, slight. I noticed the Ronnie Red would be a close dupe to Mac's Ruby Woo only with a slight variation (another blogger posted swatches). 

So what happened? Well I just got the Ronnie Red lipstick and the Veronica Pearlmatte Face Powder. I'm a brunette (use to be blonde for years) and I like red lipsticks and I could use face powder with more pink versus coral now (did you notice all the 'ands'? line of reasoning, hee, hee)...Cute treat just in time for Valentine's.

What did you get? Did you succumb to this collection? How do you feel about limited edition collections?

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