Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm blogging! Yay!

The beautiful Marilyn. Her expression is exactly how I feel about beauty blogging. Like, yeah!

Finally, I'm blogging. Yay! Blogging about makeup that is. Well I started to blog on other topics but with everything else I do just never seemed to have the time or energy for it. For this instance, I felt that it was time to have a blog 'presence'. As for the blog name, I went through a bunch of names from "lipstickuniverse" to "lipstickprincess". I settled on "The Lipstick Duchess" because I didn't think anybody else thought of themselves as a Duchess of Lipstick. Heck, everybody wants to be Lipstick Queen or even Lipstick Princess but I didn't want to duke it out (no pun intended) for those titles, hence taking the title of Duchess. And why not, we have the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and she's pretty hip. Also interestingly enough, I researched the title of Duchess which historically came with the most power and prestige and is the grandest title that can be offered. So while there are queens and princesses of lipstick out there, there is only one Duchess! Ha, welcome to my blog!

~The Lipstick Duchess aka Duchess of Lipstick.

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