Friday, February 1, 2013

Lips of Steel, Baby!

Trying to make the midnight deadline to post for Thursday, alas I missed it! But Happy Trendy Thursday anyway! This trend started last November (could have been earlier) with Grey lips popping up on the runway. Mac Cosmetics came out with "Grey Friday' on Black Friday soon followed by Estée Lauder Gunmetal Luminizer lipstick. Urban Decay has a version called 'Oil Slick'. And there are others. These limited edition grey lippies are available on eBay for $$$. I personally didn't jump on that bandwagon even when Mac did the Grey Friday. It looked like an opaque grey. I was like 'meh'. Well the picture in the ad is not the true color of the lipstick (as most of you already know) and it doesn't look 'grey' on your lips necessarily because coverage doesn't really produce a true 'grey' lip. I used Makeup Forever's Flash palette (best grease paints out there) to make my own homegrown grey lippies. Using the black and silver. Now I'm trendy and I've got steel lips too! 

What do you think of this trend? What type of grey lips do you like to wear?

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