Friday, February 1, 2013

My 1st Giveaway!

I'm doing my first giveaway. I started to post the initial idea on my Facebook page but it has migrated to Instagram. (Darn all these social media platforms!) Anyway, it's obviously centered on my love of 'red lips'. 

Here are the rules again (they are listed on the photo itself, notice the sunlight streaming through window when I took this pic, pretty):

1. Follow me on IG (@photoschmoto)
2. Repost pic once
3. Hash tag #photoschmotolovesred
4. Tag me in post: @photoschmoto
5. Ends 2.7.13 (so the package should be at the winner's home by Valentine's Day)

Happy Friday!

The Lipstick Duchess (newest moniker) aka Photoschmoto

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