Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Power of the Internet

This was something I posted on my Facebook page about my lip art and the internet.

Here I'll take the direct statement and do a cut/paste:

LIP ART:...I was perusing the web and seeing where my lip art photos wind up. Interestingly I did a Lip Art of Superman logo on my lips for a contest last May 16, 2012 (simply because he's my fav superhero next to Wondy and thought the emblem would look cool on the lips and kinda fits - the 5-sided shape). Found a posting of Superhero Lip Art done this February 2013. No one else had done that kind of art before on the lips. It makes me realize the power of the internet and the influence of artists (little guys like me) do have. I hope whatever I do does inspire you and it's pretty cool to see that. But you heard it here so now you know! I'm going to post the links of my photo and theirs. They went all out and made the skin silver and did a Batman version and Captain America.

Interesting, eh? Amazing, what you put out there in the internet world. I believe it's the great equalizer far surpassing death. Meaning it equalizes everybody. We can voyeur into the life of a uber-rich person or follow the life of an average John or Jane Doe. But that's veering slightly off the topic. I guess my point is while you are expressing yourself artistically, you are going to run the risk of someone liking your idea or art and running with it. It happens all the time. So you're either an innovator or an imitator. Which do you think is best? Which are you?

Here are the website links:

Interesting story about when I did the "Superman Lips"... I was dressed as Clark Kent that day. It was dress-up day where I was working. It was the easiest thing for me to throw together instead of trying to get into my Wonder Woman costume! Androgyny! I was the female Clark Kent or Claire Kent, perhaps? LOL...

Superhero Lip Art and the expanding repertoire:

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