Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fergie Nail Lacquers - Walgreens Exclusive

I found these incredible sets of nail colors from the Wet 'n Wild Fergie collection at Walgreens. They are $5 each and you get 6 mini nail colors from the collection to try. It's more than adequate to create ombre nails and more. Inside the box, there are photos of how-to create different nail art. Although I won't be necessarily following those, it can help spur creativity. I'm glad I got these instead of the just one bottle of "stars" (Hollywood Walk of Fame) nail polish because I couldn't get enough stars out of the bottle and onto my nail. Otherwise if you see this set and are into nail polish, try it as there is plenty of variety!

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Mac's Baking Beauties Nail Lacquer - Dupes

Hello again...I passed by the Mac counter and saw the Baking Beauties Collection display. I played around with the nail colors (I have all of the lip colors)...I know I've seen these colors before in the Essie collections. Of course there are dupes! Why spend $16 on these? Essie nail colors are half the price. 

So I trekked to Ulta to find dupes.

For Mac Confectionary (light blue pink cream), try Essie Lilacism. 

For Mac Pistachio Creme (light teal mint cream), try Essie Turquoise & Caicos.

For Mac Bleu Velvet (light periwinkle blue cream), try Essie Avenue Maintain (there was another Essie blue that was close but it had pearl finish, I opted for this one although the blue is tad bit more saturated but it's a cream finish).

Happy Spring lovelies!
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April's Glossybox Rocks

I got my Glossybox in the mail and was delighted.
I think this month's products rock!
They really tailored it to the surveys I filled out.
It was about scent which were all pleasant.
I liked the fact that they brought back the face cream and offered a special discount: Le Métier de Beauté which was steep at $225 but now $150 (even that is too much but I may and that is a big 'may' get it. I really liked it.)

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Onto the products I received:

1) Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist - smells wonderful. Perfect for my long hair. 

2) Bulgari Eau Parfumée au thé Blanc Tea Bag for Bath - another winner as I really liked the soap. Now to find time to relax in the tub!

3) The Honest Company - Honest Organic Lip Balm. I got "Sweet Orange Vanilla"...and it is perfect.

4) Tigi Cosmetics Glow Blush - another score as my go-to blush is almost empty. Nice color.

5) Wash with Joe Coffeemint Invigorating Body Wash - this smells great. Need to try it in the morning and see if it wakes me up.

6) Le Métier de Beauté Replenishing Daily Solution - very nice and exclusively discounted for Glossybox members.

What did you get in your Glossybox April? Are you subscribed? 

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Green: Color of the Year 2013

Sephora + Pantone Universe
Glitter Strobe Eyeliner Set

I was standing in the check-out line at Sephora. Had enough in my little basket but couldn't help but notice this. There were 2 testers out. I tried them on my hand and it was love-at-first sight. I have plenty of liners but the variety of finishes and effects in this set plus the price could not be beat. At $18, in this limited edition, you get 4 lovely variations of emerald green: matte, metallic, holographic and shimmer. 

Sephora partners up with Pantone Universe to bring makeup in the color of the year. Last year, 2012 the color was orange (Tangerine). I got the orange eyelashes and lipglosses. I wound up selling the orange lippies because I didn't see myself using them although they were pretty. Kept the falsies though. This year it's Emerald. And I know I can always use interesting and unique liquid eyeliners!

Below are swatches of each of the liners.

From left to right: matte, metallic, holographic and shimmer.

I wore the holographic with my purple eye makeup. It lasted and lasted. I use Lancome BiFacil to remove eye makeup so I had no problems removing it.

What do you think of this color? Do you like the color of the year? Do you wear green eyeliner? Green makeup?

Stay sweet lovelies!
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OK here they are. It was a challenge. I narrowed it down to 15 and then fell asleep with lipstick tubes sprawled on the bed. Ha! I kept switching out lippies and thinking through the reasons why.
Anyhoo, it was fun to do.

Let's start with...

1) Nyx Citrine. Out of all the orange lippies I have, this one POPS! The other orange lippies that are out there are fabulous too! Check my IG for more.

2) Wet 'n Wild Pinkerbell. This is a warm pink. I wanted to include this one as it is a popular color and is duped in other lines. This is the dupe but the quality of WNW Megalast lipsticks are great and the price, ugh, need I say more?

3) Flower by Drew Barrymore in Rosebud. I LOVE RED! I have SOOO MANY. So how did I pick this one? I wanted to feature Mac Ruby Woo and Revlon Love That Red and Revlon FIre & Ice and Lime Crime Retrofuturist...ugh see? That's going to be in another list of Top 10 Red! I eventually picked this one because it is an amazing red. It lasts and just makes your lips look super glam!

4) Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn. The Creme de la Creme of Purple Lippies. Yes there are so many but this is the makeup brand's signature lippie. It is a standard for all purple lippies. It screams, "I am a Unicorn". If you haven't rocked the purple lippie yet, you must and start with this. Magical.

5) Lime Crime No She Didn't. You know that book about the top 100 things you should do before you die or something? Well, this is the lippie you need to have and wear before you die. No one shouldn't rock a blue lippie! Once you do, you'll see. It takes mojo. It's wonderful and there's so much you can do with this lippie. Amazing.

6) Wet 'n Wild Dollhouse Pink. Ugh, lovely absolutely! And affordable. Trust me this was hard, I wanted to put up Mac Candy Yum Yum and others but this is truly a great buy. Great cool blue pink.

7) Wet 'n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy. Gotta include a darker lippie. This is a beautiful berry color. Another gem from WNW.

8) Mac Blankety. I love nudes. I had so much wonderful ones I wanted in this list but I didn't want one brand to dominate another. With Mac, they have so many Limited Editions. I went with this classic Mac lippie because it flatters everybody and you can get it now. I used this way back when I did wedding party makeup, the bride, bridesmaids all rocked Blankety and it turned out wonderful. A beautiful nude pinky beige (amplified) lippie.

9) Mac Impassioned. I decided to stick with classics from Mac or Mac would have dominated the list! I went with this happy pink lippie because it is so wearable and universally flattering. And yes you can get it at any Mac counter. Not sold out! Amplified finish.

10) NYX Pale Pink. I was truly impressed with this matte lippie. Pale pink lippies are quite the trend and this one wasn't dry and you can pair it with other things. Good coverage and not chalky!

Other things to note as I mentioned on IG, I used guidelines to help me in this. No glosses, sheers, cremesheens, glazes, lip balms, lip creams, liquid lipcolors, lip tars or jars were considered. I look at lippies that had good coverage, pigmentation, priced under $20, universally flattering, easily and readily available. Also you can tell that these are opaque/amplified/semimatte textures. 

Now onto other top 10's: pinks, reds, corals, and more!

Stay sweet lovelies.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

KleanColor Femme Lipsticks-UPDATED!!!

KleanColor Fun!
(and it's only $2!)

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How did I come upon these?
I was on Amazon and I guess based on my recent searches, these came up in the suggested views. They looked colorful and interesting. They were being sold in sets of 4 for a very low price. I decided to give them a try. There was a 3rd set (spring) that was sold out which I finally got! So my collection is complete!

Anyway onto the review:

Overall: not bad, you get to play with an assortment of colors.

Price: $2, don't mind if I do.

Scent: yes, there is a scent, much stronger than expected. For me it took a little while getting used to. It reminds me of those scratch 'n sniff stickers where it's supposed to smell like pineapples but ends up smelling more like chemical pineapples. But I'll live. 

Tube: packaging is adorable actually. Each lipstick's tube matches and the cap is see-thru. Labels are clearly readable at bottom of tube.

The first color I decided to try was very similar to the color I previously reviewed from Bite Beauty. A hot pink/violet. 


Flirty Tango: goes on like a lipgloss in a tube. Super soft creamy. It was like wearing gloss on my lips. Pigmented and yes left a stain on my lips. Did not last. 

Flirty Tango

Purple Machine: I kept trying to get even coverage with this lippie. Regardless, I wasn't able to but the effect actually produced a cool glossy lippie nonetheless. I like this one even if it is streaky and yes left stain.

Purple Machine

Happily After: a baby pink lipgloss basically in a tube. 
Reminded me of Balm lippies from Loreal, very streaky. No staining.
Happily After

Envious Desire: a surprise of the bunch and actually my fav! 
It was such a vibrant glossy green. 
I did manage to get adequate coverage and still produce a cool lippie. 
No staining.

Envious Green

Lightning Struck: a sheer primary yellow. Interesting lippie, I had to help it along because when I put it on it was like, where did it go? So I used NYX eyeshadow base in White to make it pop. I think I did so with success. Not bad, again uneven coverage but wearable. No staining.
Lightning Struck

Jewelry Box: was another surprise. 
It went on like a matte lippie, no gloss. 
It had good coverage too.
Jewelry Box

Tingling Mimosa: a cute orange. Not super bright like the other top line orange lippies I have but pleasantly delightful. It had good coverage and gloss not super glossy like Flirty Tango, a little subdued. No staining.

Tingling Mimosa

After Hours: this dark blue lippie turned out interesting too. 
Going on the lip, it created a slightly different shade of blue because of my natural lip color. It is pretty neat though. Coverage is similar to the baby blue but not matte, more satin, yes it stained.

After Hours

Pink Seeker: (Spring Collection) is a light pink. 
It is streaky and more of a gloss. 

Pink Seeker

Sky Dive: (Spring Collection) is another light blue lippie but more cool-toned. 
Jewelry Box leans toward green making it a turquoise blue. 
Sky Dive is a pretty pastel blue and it goes on matte.
Sky Dive

Magic Lime: (Spring Collection) unlike the bold, glossy green of Envious Green. 
This is a chartreuse green.
It streaked badly. However I got it to work when I used Nyx Eyeshadow base and a slightly darker green eye pencil. I created a pretty decent ombre and the white base helped add substance to the streaky formula. It's almost like Kleancolor cut some key ingredients in some of these lippies that made them streak, so adding base helps.

Magic Lime

Cast of Spell: (Spring Collection) was the one I couldn't find but did thanks to the help of fellow Instagrammer @dlytfulsheba!! She also included a Kleancolor frost lippie which I love! This is a pretty pastel lilac and went on opaque. Texture is Satin-like finish.

Cast of Spell

So as you can see each lippie has quite a different personality. These are obviously not high-end brand quality but KleanColor does a good job in packaging, selection and price. These are great for a switch-up and have much potential. For the glossy lippies, there is really no need to add more gloss. But for the ones with more of a matte finish, I could see adding a little something more on top. Some lippies needed extra help with eyeshadow base (NYX Eyeshadow Base in White and/or NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk).
I may go ahead and do that for all of them just to make application better and make the color pop!

More info: Where to buy? I found these on Amazon. 
You can find them on eBay and on the site. 

Have you gotten a chance to try these? 
What do you think?

Stay sweet lovelies!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pop Beauty

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Makeup Heaven. 

If you're ever in Chicago, make sure you stop by and visit a neighborhood called Wicker Park/Bucktown. It's a hip place to be with cool bars, cafes, restaurants and shops. One place to visit is the Walgreens on the corner of Damen, Milwaukee and North. It used to be an old bank but now it's the fanciest drugstore in Chitown. It's second level houses a chic Beauty Boutique with wonderful hi-end beauty brands and drugstore favorites. Be careful when you pass by the Pop Beauty display as the nail polish testers are in a beautiful rainbow beckoning you to test them. Hard to walk out without getting a bottle and I already have 3!

Have you visited this Walgreens? What do you think of Beauty Boutique?

Stay sweet lovelies!
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Hello Lovelies!

Thanks for visiting!
Of all of social media platforms, I have been on Instagram more often than on anything else. Working on lipart, swatches and requests have kept me pretty busy. Oh, make sure you're following me, if you're not already.

In the meantime, I am working on new blog posts of some products (some non-lippie). So stay tuned! (Already posted Bite Beauty). There's always something new here in the Makeup Kingdom of the Duchess of Lipstick! (goodness me, I've got a backlog of stuff to try! lol)....

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The Ombre Lip

Spotted this display at a local drugstore. Looks like the Ombre Lip trend has finally made it mainstream. I chuckled when I saw this considering the ombre lip trend has been around for a while mainly known in the MUA/Blogger/Makeup Community. It has become even more popular with different variations and a surge of new lip products and cosmetic companies.

Have you tried the Ombre lip? Would you wear it out? What is fav ombre lip (colors)?

Stay sweet lovelies!
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Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty

I went to Sephora to test the Bite Beauty brand. I love matte lipsticks so I wanted to see what this brand offered. I was especially intrigued by the Pastille Lavender lippie after seeing it online. However they never received Pastille Lavender and had no testers. So I tried the Pastille Violet on my hand and was impressed with the color and coverage. There was one box left of the Pastille Violet so I nabbed it. 

The lipstick has no scent but it creates a creamy texture because of the fruit butters in the formula. After applying the lipstick, I noticed it's not quite a true matte lipstick. It went on creamy however it did not dry down. It has a shine and my lips feel ok even after a couple of hours wear. I ate a little and there is plenty of lipstick still on. 
Plus the color is vibrant. It reminds me of my NYX Shocking Pink matte lippie but not drying at all and without the matte (dry) finish.

There are 4 colors inspired by Pastille candies and French runways. The lipstick comes in a unique bullet case that is in the shape of an actual lipstick tube. The case is a smooth, matte black finish. The box it comes in is red with a textured finish and retails for $24.00; 0.13 oz. I don't know if I'll get the other lipsticks in the collection. From what I've read the lavender was too sheer. 

There was one lip pencil called Violet (same name) and you can see it swatched left of the pink shade (Pastille Violet) in the photo. It has more purple than pink. I may get that one but the lippies are on a high-end price tag and definitely a luxe purchase. However I'll definitely check out Bite Beauty again when they come out with other collections. 

Pastille Rosebud - scarlet red
Pastille Lavender - sheer lavender
Pastille Violet - bright violet
Pastille Lilac - vibrant fuchsia

So have you tried anything from this brand?

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Glossbox - March

Glossybox March
I really loved the Man Repeller box, really it was quite a treat. This box came in and it was interesting but I got another soap and another eyeliner which I got in the previous box. As well as a hair product from the same company. Was craving variety in this one to be honest but I'm not complaining! It's again a great concept to get a little something - a surprise box - in the mail of beauty goodies to try. It would interesting if you had a choice to choose from a list of products beforehand.

In the meantime, this is what I got:

Elite Models Liquid Eyeliner in Matt Brown: really nice liquid eyeliner. Good matte finish. 

Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap - Indie Dreaming (Lemongrass): haven't used this yet as I'm still using last month's soap. It smells fresh.

Model Co. Cheek + Lips Tint: I have another product from this company. I like this. It reminds me of BeneTint but in gel formulation.

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Emollient Cream: nice cream but definitely love the Le Metier de Beaute Replenishing Daily Solution which was $$$ in the Man Repeller box.

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Ultra Firm Finishing Hair Spray: good hair product as always from Sebastian. I got Potion 9 in a previous box which is good.

That's it! Now I'm gearing up for the next Glossybox. What did you think about this month's box? Do you subscribe? 

Stay sweet lovelies!
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PS. I started a 3-month subscription in January, so my boxes are labeled by the month in which I got them. Since then I extended my subscription, so the next one should be April's!

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