Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty

I went to Sephora to test the Bite Beauty brand. I love matte lipsticks so I wanted to see what this brand offered. I was especially intrigued by the Pastille Lavender lippie after seeing it online. However they never received Pastille Lavender and had no testers. So I tried the Pastille Violet on my hand and was impressed with the color and coverage. There was one box left of the Pastille Violet so I nabbed it. 

The lipstick has no scent but it creates a creamy texture because of the fruit butters in the formula. After applying the lipstick, I noticed it's not quite a true matte lipstick. It went on creamy however it did not dry down. It has a shine and my lips feel ok even after a couple of hours wear. I ate a little and there is plenty of lipstick still on. 
Plus the color is vibrant. It reminds me of my NYX Shocking Pink matte lippie but not drying at all and without the matte (dry) finish.

There are 4 colors inspired by Pastille candies and French runways. The lipstick comes in a unique bullet case that is in the shape of an actual lipstick tube. The case is a smooth, matte black finish. The box it comes in is red with a textured finish and retails for $24.00; 0.13 oz. I don't know if I'll get the other lipsticks in the collection. From what I've read the lavender was too sheer. 

There was one lip pencil called Violet (same name) and you can see it swatched left of the pink shade (Pastille Violet) in the photo. It has more purple than pink. I may get that one but the lippies are on a high-end price tag and definitely a luxe purchase. However I'll definitely check out Bite Beauty again when they come out with other collections. 

Pastille Rosebud - scarlet red
Pastille Lavender - sheer lavender
Pastille Violet - bright violet
Pastille Lilac - vibrant fuchsia

So have you tried anything from this brand?

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