Wednesday, April 10, 2013

KleanColor Femme Lipsticks-UPDATED!!!

KleanColor Fun!
(and it's only $2!)

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How did I come upon these?
I was on Amazon and I guess based on my recent searches, these came up in the suggested views. They looked colorful and interesting. They were being sold in sets of 4 for a very low price. I decided to give them a try. There was a 3rd set (spring) that was sold out which I finally got! So my collection is complete!

Anyway onto the review:

Overall: not bad, you get to play with an assortment of colors.

Price: $2, don't mind if I do.

Scent: yes, there is a scent, much stronger than expected. For me it took a little while getting used to. It reminds me of those scratch 'n sniff stickers where it's supposed to smell like pineapples but ends up smelling more like chemical pineapples. But I'll live. 

Tube: packaging is adorable actually. Each lipstick's tube matches and the cap is see-thru. Labels are clearly readable at bottom of tube.

The first color I decided to try was very similar to the color I previously reviewed from Bite Beauty. A hot pink/violet. 


Flirty Tango: goes on like a lipgloss in a tube. Super soft creamy. It was like wearing gloss on my lips. Pigmented and yes left a stain on my lips. Did not last. 

Flirty Tango

Purple Machine: I kept trying to get even coverage with this lippie. Regardless, I wasn't able to but the effect actually produced a cool glossy lippie nonetheless. I like this one even if it is streaky and yes left stain.

Purple Machine

Happily After: a baby pink lipgloss basically in a tube. 
Reminded me of Balm lippies from Loreal, very streaky. No staining.
Happily After

Envious Desire: a surprise of the bunch and actually my fav! 
It was such a vibrant glossy green. 
I did manage to get adequate coverage and still produce a cool lippie. 
No staining.

Envious Green

Lightning Struck: a sheer primary yellow. Interesting lippie, I had to help it along because when I put it on it was like, where did it go? So I used NYX eyeshadow base in White to make it pop. I think I did so with success. Not bad, again uneven coverage but wearable. No staining.
Lightning Struck

Jewelry Box: was another surprise. 
It went on like a matte lippie, no gloss. 
It had good coverage too.
Jewelry Box

Tingling Mimosa: a cute orange. Not super bright like the other top line orange lippies I have but pleasantly delightful. It had good coverage and gloss not super glossy like Flirty Tango, a little subdued. No staining.

Tingling Mimosa

After Hours: this dark blue lippie turned out interesting too. 
Going on the lip, it created a slightly different shade of blue because of my natural lip color. It is pretty neat though. Coverage is similar to the baby blue but not matte, more satin, yes it stained.

After Hours

Pink Seeker: (Spring Collection) is a light pink. 
It is streaky and more of a gloss. 

Pink Seeker

Sky Dive: (Spring Collection) is another light blue lippie but more cool-toned. 
Jewelry Box leans toward green making it a turquoise blue. 
Sky Dive is a pretty pastel blue and it goes on matte.
Sky Dive

Magic Lime: (Spring Collection) unlike the bold, glossy green of Envious Green. 
This is a chartreuse green.
It streaked badly. However I got it to work when I used Nyx Eyeshadow base and a slightly darker green eye pencil. I created a pretty decent ombre and the white base helped add substance to the streaky formula. It's almost like Kleancolor cut some key ingredients in some of these lippies that made them streak, so adding base helps.

Magic Lime

Cast of Spell: (Spring Collection) was the one I couldn't find but did thanks to the help of fellow Instagrammer @dlytfulsheba!! She also included a Kleancolor frost lippie which I love! This is a pretty pastel lilac and went on opaque. Texture is Satin-like finish.

Cast of Spell

So as you can see each lippie has quite a different personality. These are obviously not high-end brand quality but KleanColor does a good job in packaging, selection and price. These are great for a switch-up and have much potential. For the glossy lippies, there is really no need to add more gloss. But for the ones with more of a matte finish, I could see adding a little something more on top. Some lippies needed extra help with eyeshadow base (NYX Eyeshadow Base in White and/or NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk).
I may go ahead and do that for all of them just to make application better and make the color pop!

More info: Where to buy? I found these on Amazon. 
You can find them on eBay and on the site. 

Have you gotten a chance to try these? 
What do you think?

Stay sweet lovelies!