Saturday, April 13, 2013


OK here they are. It was a challenge. I narrowed it down to 15 and then fell asleep with lipstick tubes sprawled on the bed. Ha! I kept switching out lippies and thinking through the reasons why.
Anyhoo, it was fun to do.

Let's start with...

1) Nyx Citrine. Out of all the orange lippies I have, this one POPS! The other orange lippies that are out there are fabulous too! Check my IG for more.

2) Wet 'n Wild Pinkerbell. This is a warm pink. I wanted to include this one as it is a popular color and is duped in other lines. This is the dupe but the quality of WNW Megalast lipsticks are great and the price, ugh, need I say more?

3) Flower by Drew Barrymore in Rosebud. I LOVE RED! I have SOOO MANY. So how did I pick this one? I wanted to feature Mac Ruby Woo and Revlon Love That Red and Revlon FIre & Ice and Lime Crime Retrofuturist...ugh see? That's going to be in another list of Top 10 Red! I eventually picked this one because it is an amazing red. It lasts and just makes your lips look super glam!

4) Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn. The Creme de la Creme of Purple Lippies. Yes there are so many but this is the makeup brand's signature lippie. It is a standard for all purple lippies. It screams, "I am a Unicorn". If you haven't rocked the purple lippie yet, you must and start with this. Magical.

5) Lime Crime No She Didn't. You know that book about the top 100 things you should do before you die or something? Well, this is the lippie you need to have and wear before you die. No one shouldn't rock a blue lippie! Once you do, you'll see. It takes mojo. It's wonderful and there's so much you can do with this lippie. Amazing.

6) Wet 'n Wild Dollhouse Pink. Ugh, lovely absolutely! And affordable. Trust me this was hard, I wanted to put up Mac Candy Yum Yum and others but this is truly a great buy. Great cool blue pink.

7) Wet 'n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy. Gotta include a darker lippie. This is a beautiful berry color. Another gem from WNW.

8) Mac Blankety. I love nudes. I had so much wonderful ones I wanted in this list but I didn't want one brand to dominate another. With Mac, they have so many Limited Editions. I went with this classic Mac lippie because it flatters everybody and you can get it now. I used this way back when I did wedding party makeup, the bride, bridesmaids all rocked Blankety and it turned out wonderful. A beautiful nude pinky beige (amplified) lippie.

9) Mac Impassioned. I decided to stick with classics from Mac or Mac would have dominated the list! I went with this happy pink lippie because it is so wearable and universally flattering. And yes you can get it at any Mac counter. Not sold out! Amplified finish.

10) NYX Pale Pink. I was truly impressed with this matte lippie. Pale pink lippies are quite the trend and this one wasn't dry and you can pair it with other things. Good coverage and not chalky!

Other things to note as I mentioned on IG, I used guidelines to help me in this. No glosses, sheers, cremesheens, glazes, lip balms, lip creams, liquid lipcolors, lip tars or jars were considered. I look at lippies that had good coverage, pigmentation, priced under $20, universally flattering, easily and readily available. Also you can tell that these are opaque/amplified/semimatte textures. 

Now onto other top 10's: pinks, reds, corals, and more!

Stay sweet lovelies.
See you on IG!