Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lipstick Comics

Lipstick Comics!

...a new series of funny scenes and stories involving lipsticks. It's not my first foray into comics but the idea popped into my head after my recent giveaway. What other exciting series could I come up with?
There's already:
The History of Makeup
The Drool Gallery
Did You Know?
Guess Whose Lips?
Girlie Things
What's in My Makeup Bag?
Beauty Must-Haves
Top 10 Lippies
Swatches Galore this is the cherry on top of the cake. If you're not following me on IG, please do. I practically live there. In a tiny square box. Here are the 1st three comics in the Lipstick Comics series. I myself am giddily working on the drama that is unfolding in LipstickVille...Enjoy!

Stay sweet lovelies.
See you on IG!
~The Lipstick Duchess

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