Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inglot Freedom System Lip Palette

I've been meaning to get this palette ever since I first saw it 
revealed at the makeup shows.

Finally I got my first Inglot!

I'll be posting new lipart on my IG and hope to update this post with a full review on these colors. I've heard about how good and pigmented they are and they do look lovely. Some of the pans got caught on the outer magnets. 
Other than that they just drop into the pan easily.

For this palette, you'll need to get the empty eyeshadow square pan. Most of their lipstick stuff are in circles except for this. There's plenty of product in each pan. Each pan sells separately for $6. I purchased First Row: #91-95 and Second Row: #96-100.
The actual eyeshadow square case with magnetic cover costs $16.00.
So the total would be $76.00 with 10 lip pans at $6. Not necessarily cheap but it is refillable!

When sharing pics please link back to this blog.

Stay sweet lovelies!
See you on IG!