Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lipscape Review

I had the wonderful opportunity to sample and review lipsticks from Lipscape. 
The products provided were sent as samples from the company. 


What are they?  Handmade matte iridescent lipsticks that are themed to nature, earth, and the environment. The collection has a rainbow of colors to choose from, some limited edition. The founder whose background is in geography, wanted to combine her love of lips with the world.

Where to buy?


Onto the review...

I was greeted by a lovely iridescent green package. I loved how it was themed to the earth being 'green'. Inside were two lipsticks in a green chiffon bag. I could immediately smell the buttercream scent.

Included as well was a personalized card from the founder with a tip not to wear any balms or glosses under the lippies. They need to be dry for the lipstick to adhere. 

I received 'Wildfire', "a warm red with flashes of gold", and 'Hurricane",  "a mid-tone blue with flashes of violet." (Color descriptions are from web-site)

Taken without flash

Taken with flash

With that in mind, I started with Wildfire. I normally wear EOS lip balm before apply any lipstick. I decided to skip the lip balm step as per the tip and just apply the lipstick to my bare but lined lips. I used a red lip liner by Nyx. Because of the supermatte texture (there is no slip), I had to swipe several times to get coverage. You know the Duchess works with all kinds of lippies. I was initially frustrated with this process but I finally got a beautiful result which is pictured below. 

Amazingly my lips felt comfortable and not dry. It didn't really feel like I was wearing any lipstick. I wore the lipstick for 3 hours. I drank and ate a little. I still had lipstick on and did not need to reapply. After taking it off, my lips felt smooth too. Products ingredients are listed on the website which include: avocado, jojoba, rose hip oils and mango and shea butter.

Onto Hurricane. I decided to go against the tip of not applying anything and prepped my lips as usual with EOS lip balm and foundation. (Some women have tried 'n true routines when it comes to applying lippies, some do not.) The application was actually easier this time. I lined my lips with a blue eyeliner pencil.

In the end, I continued to play with the colors. 

You can mix the Lipscape colors to create other colors using obviously Color Theory. Mixing the red and blue produced purple. 

I also added lipgloss to bring out the reflective pigments  (I used Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Julio-discontinued. Any white pearl lipgloss will do)
So you can wear it matte or with gloss.

I created a list of pros and cons. My only thing was application: more slip and a little sweet flavor would be a plus. The scent kept wanting me to lick my lips but it didn't taste sweet. (I was reminded of Jessica Simpson's lippies how they smelled like dessert but were also sweet to taste.) 

If you're looking to switch up colors and try something new —I have my eye on the purple "Unrest and pink "Ozone" lippies— try out some lippies from Lipscape and let me know what you think!

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Buttercream scent
Variety of colors
Matte finish yet not drying
Does not stain lips

No 'slip' because of supermatte texture
Had to swipe several times

Stay sweet lovelies!
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DISCLAIMER: The Lipstick Duchess accepts products for reviews. Reviews are honest opinions of the products. All products reviewed on my blog have been purchased by me unless stated otherwise.