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L'Oréal Colour Me Pink Collection

L'Oréal Colour Me Pink Collection

UPDATE: this collection is called "Colour Me Pink" even though the display says "Made for Me Pinks". UPDATE: These are part of the permanent line. I checked the displays and these lippies are included in the Pinks section of the L'Oreal display.

Pictured Left: (Colours for Deep Skin Tones) Miss Magenta and Raspberry Rush
Pictured Right: (Colours for Fair Skin Tones) Ballerina Shoes and I Pink You're Cute
Pictured Below: (Colours for Medium Skin Tones) Pink Flamingo, Fresh As A Rose, Wisteria Rose, and Everbloom.

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I LOVE ALL OF THESE! They each have their own uniqueness. Out of the bunch though I really liked the Wisteria Rose and Ballerina Shoes on my lips. Yes the Ballerina Shoes is the only frost in the collection, and I'm not really a person who loves frosts necessarily. I know this shade has gotten a bump rap but it turned out nicely like a pale pinkish nude shade using a nude lipliner. A low-key pink lippie. 

My second fav is Wisteria Rose which was not initially my first choice. When I was looking at the lippies at the store what caught my eye was Raspberry Rush, Pink Flamingo and I Pink You're Cute. However trying it on, it was a beautiful, bold and deep pink on my lips. See, sometimes you might miss that one lippie that you think may not look good on you simply because of personal biases or experiences! Or marketing as this lippie was marketed to medium skin tones which I am not! 

Anyhoo, onto the review!

The scent: I love the L'Oréal scent. It has remained unchanged. Which I thank the company for sticking to their original scent. Unlike other companies (and I hope they do not jump on the bandwagon like other companies that change their scent all the time) their scent ties into so many memories for me. 

This scent is not outdated nor is it an "old ladies scent". I resent that because I am an "older lady". Being older is not bad. Geez! I think I would be disappointed beyond belief if they changed it. L'Oréal was the first lippie I used for my junior prom. I upgraded later to Dior for senior...ha ha. 

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Texture: true to their lipstick texture and formula. It goes on smooth and creamy. Leaves my lips feeling silky when I take off the lipstick. The lipsticks that are more pigmented: Wisteria Rose, Everbloom, Fresh as a Rose, Miss Magenta, Raspberry Rush all stained the lips a little. It wasn't too drastic. All lippies are buildable.

The 2 first lippies were sectioned off in the display at the store for "Fair/Light Skin Tones".
Ballerina Shoes: a frosty pink that looks just like those satiny ballet slippers. Paired with a nude lipliner, this lippie can work. If I had tanned skin, I'm sure it would really pop! topped with shimmer gloss.

I Pink You're Cute: a bright pink with yellow undertones. The tube looked like Mac's Nicki Viva Glam lipstick. However it looks more like Mac's Flamingo on the lips. 

The next 4 lippies were sectioned off in the display at the store for "Medium Skin Tones".

Pink Flamingo: is the cool-toned pink out of the bunch with no shimmer. It reminded of the lippie I used for junior prom. It's a perfect girly pink.

Wisteria Rose: on my lips looks like a strong deep pink. Swatched it's similar to Fresh As A Rose just without the shimmer. (my fav)

Fresh As A Rose: has a bit of shimmer to it. Similar to Wisteria Rose.

Everbloom: could pass for a dark coral pink. It's the subdued version of pink to all the others. It's the pink I would wear when I don't want so much attention to my lips. :) 

The last 2 lippies that were sectioned off in the display at the store is for "Deep Skin Tones".

Miss Magenta: this pink doesn't really look like magenta. When I think of 'magenta', I think of fuchsia. This lippie is like a salmony pink. It goes on light for me. 

Raspberry Rush: this lippie looked like a 'neon red' to me at the store. On my lips it's more of a raspberry pink. Lovely.

L'Oréal is the quintessential drugstore lippie. Which means it's the perfect drugstore lippie. It has been a trusted brand with colors that work for all skin tones. This is a wonderful collection and if you LOVE pink, you should definitely check it out!

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Stay sweet lovelies!

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