Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mac Nudes and Metallics - Fall 2013

Mac Metallics Fall 2013

In this post, I'm going to review the M.A.C. Metallics. I've been wearing each lipstick everyday and trying them out. 
There are 4 metallic lipsticks and according to M.A.C., the descriptions are: 

Pre-Raphaelite: Metallic brown.
Show-All: Heavily metallic deep red.
Subverted: Deep metallic dirty berry.
Dominate: Deep metallic purple.

All frost finish lipsticks. Frost lipsticks aren't my usual go-to lippie however these are so incredibly lightweight in feel yet so bold in color. I love the impact they make! M.A.C. did an awesome job in the formulation and color. There isn't a shade I don't like. Wear-time with a good lip prep is about 5 hours. 

 My favs are Subverted - the intense metallic brown lined with a dark brown eyeliner had everyone turning to look! And I wore it out and about on a sunny day. These lippies don't have to be brought out at night only. No they are not vampire lippies either. I don't feel like one when I wear it. I feel like I'm wearing these rich velvety metallic fabrics almost. You know those rich velvet fabrics you can find at the fabric store? They're just luxurious! They deserve to be shown off in the day! Paired with a smokey eye, ugh! A-mazing! 

My second fav is Pre-Raphaelite. It's deep dirty berry shade is a statement lippie. Very nice. The other two: Dominate - a beautiful metallic purple are just as amazing and Show-All: metallic red. I patted some Goldilux Loose eyeshadow pigment from Sugarpill on top (as I did in one of my older pictorials on IG) and created a rich red-gold ombre effect. 

All Lippies are Rated: 5/5 Stars 

PLEASE NOTE: I do not use filters on my lipstick swatches! These are taken indoors with no flash in studio lighting. Which brings out all the color tones in the lipstick. I also apply full coverage (not a 1-swipe kind-of-gal). 
My motto is: don't be stingy with your lippie, apply liberally!

Even if you're still in the peachy-coral or even lavender lippie mood, you should try these lippies. 
They rock and you don't have to wait for fall to wear them either! 
These lippies are M.A.C. Pro and can be purchased at a M.A.C. Pro Store, $15
If you're a M.A.C. Pro, they're available online.

Think I'll get some expresso now...
I'll be reviewing the other half of this collection: The Nudes soon. 
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Stay sweet lovelies!

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