Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maybelline Fall 2013-Limited Edition Purple Lippies!

Maybelline Fall Runway Limited Edition 2013
Purple Lipsticks

Lavender Voltage
Violet Intrigue
Midnight Plum

Midnight Plum
If you love dark purples, this lipstick is very much there.
It reminds me of Wet'nWild's Cherry Bomb - that vampy brownish dark red. 
However this lippie has strong purple tones. 
It needs to be swiped several times to get the coverage I got.
Make sure you prime your lips before applying to get maximum results. 
These lippies —like a majority of the Maybelline collection— 
have a creamy formula with buildable coverage.
Rating: 5/5

Violet Intrigue
If you still haven't the courage to wear a strong purple lipstick, then this shade is for you.
It's a subdued purple (reminds me of RiRiBoy and Up the Amp) and less intense yet very wearable for those who want to wear purple but are just not sure of wearing darker shade or the vibrant purple.
 I didn't have to swipe as much for this lipstick as I did the other two.
Rating: 5/5

Lavender Voltage
I really like this purple from the collection. 
It reminds me of Mac's Heroine similar in color but not in finish as Heroine is matte. 
If you love Heroine, check out this lippie and get it as it's limited edition.
Rating: 5/5

There is a 4th lipstick in this collection that is a fuchsia pink called "Fuchsia Fierce". 
Very dupeable (especially if you have the Vivids or Fuchsia Fever) and they seem to release a version of it in all their collections. I'd skip it.

Did you get anything from this collection?

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Stay sweet lovelies!

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