Friday, August 23, 2013

Sugarpill Elektrocute

Sugarpill Elektrocute Sparkling Neon Pigments

I love neon. I highly recommend Sleek Acid palette and MYO pigments for true neon looks. 
I was excited to hear about Sugarpill's new neon collection. 
I always like to add more colors to the loose pigment collection. 
So far I've used just one color in an eye look and decided to test the pigments out on my lips. 
I had loved Goldilux pigment on my lips but these had different results.

 The pigment has lots of fallout. But I'm still trying out different bases and mixing mediums. The base I used in the photo below is NYX Milk and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer.

Here are the results on the lips:

By the far, Hellatronic (blue) and Love Buzz (pink) yielded the best results on the lips. They mixed much better and weren't as grainy and gritty as the other three: Sparkage (green), Hi-Viz (yellow) and Supercharged (peach). I used OCC Lip Tar in clear as my mixing medium.

The ones that were too grainy and gritty for the lips:

Sparkage lost it's bright neon green when mixed. 
Looked more like a St. Patrick's Day green.

Supercharged like Hi-Viz was also too grainy for lips.

I alternated and tried other mixing mediums. 
I applied sheerly but it lost most of it's neon quality.

Well other than that, I'm going to continue trying them out on my eyes 
in different looks and anywhere else. I'll post those results later.

What do you think of Sugarpill's Elektrocute collection?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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