Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Top 10 Purple Lippies

You need in your life!

1. Mac Dominate (LE): this was part of the Mac Nudes and Metallics Pro lip collection online.
A lightweight frost finish but not skimpy on boldness. If you didn't get this, fear not, Lime Crime's Poisonberry is a runner-up and available.

2. MUFE #15: screams 'I am purple royalty' in a lipstick. 

3. Mac Heroine: the most popular lippie next to Candy Yum Yum and most wanted of all lippies in terms of being part of the permanent collection, alas it's not. It was last re-promoted in the Mac Fashion Sets in spring. Keep your eyes out when it does get re-promoted and get it if you haven't. A must-have.
Otherwise, Milani's Violet Volt is a great dupe.

4. OCC Hoochie: I originally have Belladonna which is OCC's 1st purple lip tar.
This is a slightly lighter version and available as the other is discontinued. Very nice!

5. Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn: I think they put purple on the map?
Well this is the definitive purple lippie.

6. Lime Crime D'Lilac: this is the Rolls Royce of lavender lippies.

7. Covergirl Divine: a drugstore lippie that is an affordable and pretty must-have purple. 

8. Lancome Violette Coquette: yes it is still in the box, so how did it get on the list? I swatched in store and fell in love and if you didn't know by now, Lancome makes great lipstick. 

9. Mac RiRiBoy (LE): this is a very pretty retro matte lavender purple. It looks mauvish on my lips but paired with Heroine or Nightmoth lipliner, you can rev it up! If you missed out, well you must try again on the next release.

10. Milani Violet Volt: this drugstore lippie is the metallic version of Mac's Heroine. Get it. I promise you, you will love it forever! Melon scent is to die for. Can't find at your drugstore? which is what I always hear! Don't fear, go to milanicosmetics.com or cherryculture.com.

There are many, many more purple lippies out there that deserve to be on this list. I'm seriously considering doing a top 25! But these are some really nice ones you need in your life!

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Which purple lippie do you like?
Do you have any from this list?
I'd like to hear your stories!

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.

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