Saturday, September 28, 2013

Korres Greek Yoghurt

Korres Greek Yoghurt
Nourishing Primer
Yogourt Grec
Base de Maquillage Nourrissante

I love natural ingredients in skincare products.
I usually gravitate to stuff that has 'honey, cucumbers, almonds, milk', just to name a few.
I noticed this little product at Sephora.

And from Greece!

It's a 1.01 fl. oz tube of face primer with yogurt.
It smells like it has lots of yogurt.
The description says it has 2-1/2 times the protein of regular yogurt.
It has other good ingredients too (apricot, shea butter, aloe, oat).

It's soothing on the skin.
It's recommended for all skin types and even for sensitive skin.
It's silicone-free too.
The texture is gel-like and it melts into skin.
So far that I've been using it, it helps with makeup application.

How much: $30

Have you tried this primer?
What's your fav primer?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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M.A.C. Feline Kohl

M.A.C. Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil

Rating: 5/5
This is probably one of the best black eye pencils I have ever tried.
And I've used NYX and Urban Decay and Stila too (and others too).
I'd be pressed to find something comparable!
It's very soft and very very rich black.
It stays on my waterline too.
I love it because it doesn't fade like many others.
Versatile too in deepening eyeshadows as a base.

M.A.C. describes it "a kohl pencil that has all the intensity and colour power of 
ultra-soft carbon...deep, opaque coverage."

It is my go-to kohl eye pencil for eye looks.
If you haven't picked this up, do.
Available online:
How much? $16.00
Feline Kohl
My backups

Blackest Black Ever.
What's your fav black eye pencil?
Stay sweet lovelies!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. Fall Collection 2013

Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. Review

Probably the most hyped-about collection of the year in the M.A.C. universe. My M.A.C. Pro store had already sold out of the "Nude" lipstick by the time I got there. And it was only open for 1 hour. The ladies told me that they only received 9-12 lippies and that there was a line since 4am!
Of course you're probably wondering..."Nude" got sold out?
Yep it's just a darker nude. It swatches brilliantly in the store. I've heard so much chatter about this shade. It is definitely the 'star' of the collection. However it's nude. I have plenty of that.

The main point about this collection was and is "the packaging". My focus in this review are the lipsticks. I did get the brush and the compact but I'm debating whether to keep them or not. They are overpriced. I already have the Hibiscus Kiss compact and the 'blush brush' is actually a stippling brush. I already got a new one from M.A.C. with a significantly longer handle.

The rest well to each their own really. The eyeshadows are easily dupeable. I prefer Urban Decay actually and WetnWild makes so many dupes of M.A.C. eyeshadows. The lipliners are also dupable and stuff I already have. Eyelashes- same. The smaller blush and cream aren't something I was interested in either as I have plenty of that. Then there is the mascara and the brow pencils. All of which I have. The only justification in getting those is if you are...

4 Reasons You Really Need Anything From This Collection
1. Rihanna Fan
2. A M.A.C. uber collector
3. Your cash flow is really flowin' (even with a pro discount but there is no discount on this!)
4. Really ran out of those necessities and just happened to waltz into the store 
on the release date.

Let's start with the review. Since I don't have the "Nude" shade, I will review:
Talk That Talk
Who's That Chick?

Retail: $16.50

>>>I will update this post with "Nude" once I get my hands on it.<<<
UPDATE: I did not get the Nude. 
They were in limited quantities. My final trek to the M.A.C. counter and they said they only 'received' 3 lippies. But whose knows what the real story is whether the M.A.C. girls bought for themselves or set aside pre-orders. It's been ridiculous to say the least.
I did try it on. So here's my review of the MOST OVER HYPED NUDE LIPSTICK.

Nude (swatched on lips at the store; no liner)

I decided to give this lippie a 4/5 rating simply because it is a dupeable nude and not a nude shade that everyone can successfully wear and be happy with. Would have I given it a higher rating if I acquired it? No. While it goes on smoothly and swatches brilliantly, on my lips well, I had "zombie lips" is what this shade looks like on me. If it weren't for the Rihanna signature, packaging and hype, it would be one of those ugly dark nudes that look too ashy and off on my NC20 skin that I would pass up.

It is basically a taupe nude meaning it has cool undertones. Hence why there is a 'greyish tinge' to it on lighter skin complexions. This lippie will work beautifully on complexions with cool undertones and if you have darker skin tones it's a nude
that will show up and perform.

Also this is not a Retro Matte, it is simply a Matte which is the reason why it goes on smoothly.

As for dupes since nude lippies are in abundant supply everywhere and in every makeup collection,
I could swear I've seen this shade at the drugstore.

CLOSEST DUPE I COULD FIND: "Butter" Matte Lipstick by NYX.
Swatch is on my Instagram!

Rating: 4/5 Lippies


RiRi Woo
If you haven't gotten the chance to get RiRi Woo since it was first released, I encourage you to get it.
I have backups of these and I love the 'slightly' reformulated version of M.A.C.'s popular Ruby Woo.

Since I wear it often, it won't go to waste. It's a universally flattering red in the retro matte finish. The RiRi signature adorns the tube and it's looks chic in the rose-gold packaging. Adorable. Plus it's such an intense red, my camera freaked when I took the picture, so beware. It's a cool-blue red and it pops!
Rating: 5/5 Lippies

Who's That Chick?
Cute play on words. If it was "Who's That Girl?", it'd be a Madonna lippie. 
This lippie is the only frost finish lipstick in the collection.
It is a golden orange frost.
It does nothing for me. I had to line my lips with a brown lipliner so
it wouldn't disappear. For my skintone (I'm a NC20), it isn't typically what I would wear.
However I'm sure this lipstick will look fab on women of color and darker skin tones.
So I'm not going to give it a 5/5 but a 4/5.
If you're not into frosts, I'd skip it.
I am going to continue experimenting with this lippie though.
I always give lipsticks a fighting chance even if I'm not crazy about them.
This may work well in an ombre lip look or even with gloss on top or other lipliners.
That shall remain to be seen.
Rating: 4/5 Lippies

Talk That Talk
When I started to put this on my lips not only did it go on unevenly but it felt like I was putting on Fixed on Drama, the LE retro matte lipstick in the M.A.C. Retro Matte collection! OMG a clone and a not so good one! Fixed On Drama went on smoother. This lippie, I had to swipe several times. 
It's so identical. Probably the lowest rating I've ever given a lippie. If you missed out on Fixed on Drama then by all means get this lippie and if you said 'yes' to any or all of the 
4 Reasons Why You Really Need Anything From This Collection above.

This picture below shows just how uneven and almost blotchy it looks.
Even though I lined with Mac Nightmoth, it still doesn't look as good as Fixed On Drama.
Probably may try to fill in my entire lip with liner then apply.
It really shouldn't have to take much to make it look good considering I spent $16.50.
I'll try other ideas with this lipstick too.
I think I have about 8 lippies that look similar in color!

Rating: 3/5 Lippies

What are you planning to get?
Stay sweet lovelies!

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M.A.C. Retro Mattes Collection

M.A.C. Retro Mattes Collection Review

M.A.C. Retro Mattes 2013
There's something for everyone in this collection.
M.A.C. expanded their popular "retro mattes" lipstick with a collection of 8 lippies.

Fixed on Drama (LE)
Runway Hit (LE)
Steady Going (LE)
Ruby Woo (original popular retro matte)
All Fired Up
Flatout Fabulous
Relentessly Red

Three of the lipisticks are limited edition and marked by (LE).
The rest are permanent.

There are fans who love matte lips.
There are those who may find some of these to be rather drying especially if you tend to wear glosses.
It's a totally different feel on the lips.
The lipsticks go on smoothly, are lightweight in feel and wear for a long time.
I'm a matte girl so I tend to wear matte lipstick.

Ruby Woo lined lightly with Mac Nightmoth

A very matte vivid blue-red lippie.
Rating: 5/5
The Retro Matte that started it all!
Universally-flattering cool blue-red lippie.

Fixed on Drama (LE)
A rich retro matte wine lippie.
Rating: 5/5
This went on smooth and lasted. It did not feel dry on lips.
I really liked this one. And this is on trend with Oxblood Lips for fall.

Runway Hit (LE)
A matte retro nude lippie.
Rating: 4.5/5
I took off a 1/2 lippie for the super flat chalky color. It went on smoothly but after 
several hours the color looked so flat, chalky and dry as if they were craving water. 
For those who love chalky lipsticks, then it shouldn't be a problem. 
Maybe I wasn't loving the color too much.
On my lips with lip prep, it leans more towards peachy nude/coral. 
I will experiment some more with this color though I think lipliners and gloss will perk this up.
UPDATE: Slathering on EOS lip balm then applying helped!!

Steady Going (LE)
A light pink retro matte lippie.
Rating: 5/5
I really like the cute pink color.
 It's a middle of the road pink that wore well. 

Dangerous (permanent)
An orangey red retro matte lippie.
Rating: 4/5
I had a feeling this was a close relative to Mac's Lady Danger. Honestly after trying it on, I prefer the vibrancy of Lady Danger. This one would be her slightly darker and drier sister. The lippie started to crack a little and bunch up which I didn't like. Next time I won't apply as much. I knocked it down to the 4/5 rating simply because if I want to wear an orangey-red, I much prefer Lady Danger. 
It's matte too but not super matte and brighter. 

Relentlessly Red (permanent)
A pinkish coral retro matte lippie.
Rating: 5/5
Amazingly bright, Pink, longlasting and comfortable on lips. No problems in application. Definitely will repurchase this when I run out (which is highly unlikely considering how much I have

All Fired Up (permanent)
A bright fuchsia retro matte lippie.
Rating: 5/5
Another winner in the collection. This lippie is a fuchsia and also applied comfortably.

Flat Out Fabulous (permanent)
A bright plum retro matte lippie.
Rating: 5/5
I saved the best for last! While this is not Mac's Heroine, it is a very pretty purply pink lippie.
If you love purple, this is a must-have!

What are your favs from this collection?

Stay sweet Lovelies!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

YSL Glossy Stains Review

Yves Saint Laurent
Rouge pur Couture
Vernis a Levres
Rebel Nudes and 
Glossy Stains
YSL 108 Violine Out of Control with no lipliner. Still fresh from the store!

YSL 108 Violine Out of Control with Mac Heroine and Nightmoth lipliners.

I'm happy that I own two of these amazing lip stains from YSL. It all happened when I lingered about the YSL counter at Sephora and played. I loved the scent, feel, color and wear of #108 Violine Out of Control. It felt super comfy on my lips and I kept getting compliments. It lasted long too. 
These glossy stains are so worth the $34 price tag. 

I've added an additional color and again I am amazed at the results. The quality is phenomenal. 
While the only dupe of this formula that comes close would be L'Oreal's Glossy Stains
the YSL is the creme de la creme of lip stains.

YSL 14 Fuchsia Dore lined with Mac Nightmoth.

YSL 14 Fuchsia Dore 
I went back to get another one and spent what seemed like forever swatching almost all the colors. 
You know it's that bad when you wish you could have all of them! I finally settled on YSL 14 Fuchsia Dore. It is different when you layer and combine with lipliners. The results again were phenomenal. 
I wanted a high impact shade. These glossy stains are so versatile because you can wear them more naturally or build them up and enhance with lipliners. Amazing.

Rating: 5/5

Where to get them? Sephora
How much: $34
0.20 oz with doe-foot applicator
To me, it smells like wine! 
J'aime le maquillage fran├žais!

Have you tried any YSL Rebel Nudes?
What are your favs?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

MAC Nudes and Metallics Collection - Fall 2013

Mac Nudes Fall 2013

I've been procrastinating, yes.  
Well busy really, but my daughter advised me that I need to finish up the Mac Nudes and Metallics Collection before starting the Retro Mattes. As much as I want to try the 3 lippies I got (the rest are in an investigation/missing package drama)...I had to finish out this collection. 

She was right.
So here it goes!

Wholesome: sheer warm, midtone nude
Restrained: sheer neutral midtone nude
Angel's Kiss: sheer soft pinky nude with pearl
Nearly Nude: sheer warm, pink nude

I utilized M.A.C. Lip Erase Lip Balm to mute out my lip undertone so that these nude lippies will show up. They are different. But when you're looking at a lotta nudes, they all start to look the same.

This is a collection for die-hard nude lippie fans. Being that this collection is a PRO collection and can only be bought at a M.A.C. PRO store or online (by the time of this posting, it's probably no longer in stores but probably online but most likely SOLD OUT), you're probably not going to miss out much. It's definitely the Yang to the Yin (Metallics) of this collection. For fall, M.A.C. gave us an interesting contrast of textures and colors. I really like this collection. All lipsticks are Amplified finish so there's isn't any skimping with coverage.
 I can't say I have a single favorite as each lippie has it's own nude "mood".
However some nudes will work better on certain skin tones than others.
For me, I wear just about everything!

Anyway it's a pretty solid collection of nudes. But if you have M.A.C. nude lippies like Half-n-Half or Creme d'Nude to name a few, you're pretty much ok.

Have you tried any of these lippies?
Any favs?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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MAC Lip Erase Review

Lip Erase 
Lip Balm
in Pale

M.A.C. describes this product as "a flesh-toned balm that visually neutralizes and erases natural color from the lip. Shine- and texture-free."

This is a concealer and lip balm in one. It's another lip prep product I utilize when applying lipstick. 
I think it's great base/primer for those who don't want to apply an entire face of foundation but want that nude lippie or lipgloss to show up much better and block out excessive red or pink lip undertones or discolorations. And it does just that, it "erases" your lip. It mutes your lip color so that lipsticks and lip glosses look more true to the color you see in the tube.

So far that I've been using it, it goes on just right. It doesn't glop on and I usually shudder when I hear people applying straight-up concealer on lips because if you put too much on, it mixes with the color. Also concealers being that they are creamy, aren't meant for application to the lips.
This is sheer and lightweight yet effective. 
It does cover your lip and it's a balm too so it does not feel dry. 

You don't have to set it with powder either. I lined my lips and applied my lipstick immediately 
after applying M.A.C. Lip Erase. Some artists wait a little for it to set before applying.
It worked very well with swatching the Mac Nudes collection btw :)

The Mac Lip Erase Lip Balm is a PRO product. 
It only comes in 2 shades.
Pale (which is N27) for light skin tones
Dim (which is N37) for medium-dark skin tones
It can be purchased at M.A.C. Pro stores.
It retails for $20.00.

I think it's an effective tool for blocking out undertones which can alter lipstick and lipgloss colors.
Just make sure you exfoliate your lips before applying!

Rating: 5/5

What's your lip prep routine?
Have you tried this product?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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