Saturday, September 14, 2013

MAC Nudes and Metallics Collection - Fall 2013

Mac Nudes Fall 2013

I've been procrastinating, yes.  
Well busy really, but my daughter advised me that I need to finish up the Mac Nudes and Metallics Collection before starting the Retro Mattes. As much as I want to try the 3 lippies I got (the rest are in an investigation/missing package drama)...I had to finish out this collection. 

She was right.
So here it goes!

Wholesome: sheer warm, midtone nude
Restrained: sheer neutral midtone nude
Angel's Kiss: sheer soft pinky nude with pearl
Nearly Nude: sheer warm, pink nude

I utilized M.A.C. Lip Erase Lip Balm to mute out my lip undertone so that these nude lippies will show up. They are different. But when you're looking at a lotta nudes, they all start to look the same.

This is a collection for die-hard nude lippie fans. Being that this collection is a PRO collection and can only be bought at a M.A.C. PRO store or online (by the time of this posting, it's probably no longer in stores but probably online but most likely SOLD OUT), you're probably not going to miss out much. It's definitely the Yang to the Yin (Metallics) of this collection. For fall, M.A.C. gave us an interesting contrast of textures and colors. I really like this collection. All lipsticks are Amplified finish so there's isn't any skimping with coverage.
 I can't say I have a single favorite as each lippie has it's own nude "mood".
However some nudes will work better on certain skin tones than others.
For me, I wear just about everything!

Anyway it's a pretty solid collection of nudes. But if you have M.A.C. nude lippies like Half-n-Half or Creme d'Nude to name a few, you're pretty much ok.

Have you tried any of these lippies?
Any favs?

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
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