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M.A.C. Retro Mattes Collection

M.A.C. Retro Mattes Collection Review

M.A.C. Retro Mattes 2013
There's something for everyone in this collection.
M.A.C. expanded their popular "retro mattes" lipstick with a collection of 8 lippies.

Fixed on Drama (LE)
Runway Hit (LE)
Steady Going (LE)
Ruby Woo (original popular retro matte)
All Fired Up
Flatout Fabulous
Relentessly Red

Three of the lipisticks are limited edition and marked by (LE).
The rest are permanent.

There are fans who love matte lips.
There are those who may find some of these to be rather drying especially if you tend to wear glosses.
It's a totally different feel on the lips.
The lipsticks go on smoothly, are lightweight in feel and wear for a long time.
I'm a matte girl so I tend to wear matte lipstick.

Ruby Woo lined lightly with Mac Nightmoth

A very matte vivid blue-red lippie.
Rating: 5/5
The Retro Matte that started it all!
Universally-flattering cool blue-red lippie.

Fixed on Drama (LE)
A rich retro matte wine lippie.
Rating: 5/5
This went on smooth and lasted. It did not feel dry on lips.
I really liked this one. And this is on trend with Oxblood Lips for fall.

Runway Hit (LE)
A matte retro nude lippie.
Rating: 4.5/5
I took off a 1/2 lippie for the super flat chalky color. It went on smoothly but after 
several hours the color looked so flat, chalky and dry as if they were craving water. 
For those who love chalky lipsticks, then it shouldn't be a problem. 
Maybe I wasn't loving the color too much.
On my lips with lip prep, it leans more towards peachy nude/coral. 
I will experiment some more with this color though I think lipliners and gloss will perk this up.
UPDATE: Slathering on EOS lip balm then applying helped!!

Steady Going (LE)
A light pink retro matte lippie.
Rating: 5/5
I really like the cute pink color.
 It's a middle of the road pink that wore well. 

Dangerous (permanent)
An orangey red retro matte lippie.
Rating: 4/5
I had a feeling this was a close relative to Mac's Lady Danger. Honestly after trying it on, I prefer the vibrancy of Lady Danger. This one would be her slightly darker and drier sister. The lippie started to crack a little and bunch up which I didn't like. Next time I won't apply as much. I knocked it down to the 4/5 rating simply because if I want to wear an orangey-red, I much prefer Lady Danger. 
It's matte too but not super matte and brighter. 

Relentlessly Red (permanent)
A pinkish coral retro matte lippie.
Rating: 5/5
Amazingly bright, Pink, longlasting and comfortable on lips. No problems in application. Definitely will repurchase this when I run out (which is highly unlikely considering how much I have

All Fired Up (permanent)
A bright fuchsia retro matte lippie.
Rating: 5/5
Another winner in the collection. This lippie is a fuchsia and also applied comfortably.

Flat Out Fabulous (permanent)
A bright plum retro matte lippie.
Rating: 5/5
I saved the best for last! While this is not Mac's Heroine, it is a very pretty purply pink lippie.
If you love purple, this is a must-have!

What are your favs from this collection?

Stay sweet Lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
Please when sharing pics, link back to this blog. 

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