Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pleasurebomb This!

Pleasurebomb This Lips!

So M.A.C.'s online launch of Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. Holiday collection bombed today. For me after I got through the waiting room in 15 minutes after the 12pm EST launch time, all the lipsticks were SOLD OUT with the exception of RiRiWoo. Now RiRiWoo is also sold out. Others reported that it was sooner than that like 5 minutes after they logged onto the site. Still others reported getting through immediately and being able to purchase all three. The sad part was when the reports came in of having put the lipstick product in the chart but it was gone when they went to pay. These things are serious fails and M.A.C. needs to fix this overall online experience!

At this point and IMO, the only way M.A.C. can redeem themselves would be to relaunch the collection as they did with Marilyn and provide plenty of product to meet demands to their loyal customer base. The limited quantities have gotten ridiculous to the point where places have only received 3 lipsticks? Not fair.

Well even though the collection has yet to come out to the stores, I remember how it was the previous RiRi launch and that proved to be annoying as well. Plus it'll be at the height of the holiday shopping season. Madness at the stores! I'm skipping. Although as everyone else wants these lippies, if I get them cool, if not, I've created my own homemade dupe!

Using M.A.C. Candy Yum Yum and RiRiWoo lined with M.A.C. Cherry lipliner, I think I got a pretty close match just by eyeballing it. Heck how can you mess up a matte bright fuchsia? It ain't rocket science. Anyway, I'm rocking this lippie and happy to have saved a few bucks. Besides even though M.A.C. is whack, we still go back! (…and we all still love 'em.) Admit it! Plus there are upcoming collections! Gotta get ready for that. But seriously, M.A.C. does needs to fix this online shopping experience. Sometimes crappy customer service can outweigh the name of the brand no matter how famous it is.

Pleasurebomb This Lips: homemade dupe using CandyYumYum & RiRi Woo; Cherry lipliner

Stay sweet lovelies!

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