Monday, December 30, 2013

The Definitive Dupe Guide for Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. Lippies!

Here is my definitive guide to dupes. It'll help you get back-ups and find alternatives to the hottest, hyped lippies from M.A.C. in 2013. One thing to note about dupes and the whole 'dupe theory' is that many lippies will be close in color but not in the finish. So while you may get something that matches closely, you will probably not get the same finish. Alas, c'est la vie. 

Most of the lippies from Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. were Retro Matte finishes (RiRiWoo, RiRiBoy, Heaux, Talk That Talk) and others were Matte finishes (Pleasurebomb, Bad Girl RiRi, Nude) and one Frost finish (Who's That Chick).

Additional swatches of dupes will be posted.
Not all dupe swatches are posted.

RiRiWoo = M.A.C. Ruby Woo
Color: cool blue-based red
Finish: Retro Matte
The version created for Rihanna Hearts M.A.C. is only slightly different (a touch bluer) from the original cult classic, Ruby Woo. To the naked eye, you won't be able to tell the difference.
At the time of this post that you can still get RiRiWoo from the I use this more than Ruby Woo and I have several backups. 

Other Dupes: 
NYX Matte Lipstick in "Perfect Red".
Finish: Matte
WetnWild Stoplight Red
Finish: Semi-Matte

Heaux = NYX Merlot Matte Lipstick
Color: deep berry
Finish: Retro Matte
It's been a long argument on the net about M.A.C.'s Rebel being a dupe where some say yes, others say no. While it is still in the same color family, the finish is different being a satin and more purply. The NYX Merlot is a matte and is a much closer match.

Other Dupes:
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil "Damned"
Finish: Matte 
WetNWild "Cherry Picking"
Finish: Semi-Matte
UPDATED: I swatched KatvonD's Bauhau5 (formerlyMau5) Liquid Lipstick recently. 
It's very matte and dry but the color is the rich berry of Heaux.
Rimmel Kate 107
Finish: Cream

RiRiBoy = M.A.C. Up the Amp (Amplified Finish)
Color: vivid lavender
Finish: Retro Matte
When this came out, it was hot and still is being it's a purply lippie. It looked like Up The Amp's Retro Matte version.

Other Dupes:
Revlon "Berry Haute"
Finish: Creme
CG "Divine" Lasting Lipcolor
Finish: Creme
NEW LORAC "Free Spirit"
Finish: Matte

Talk That Talk = M.A.C. Fixed on Drama
Color: dark plum
Finish: Retro Matte
This lippie was very dry when I applied it. In my review I gave it a 3/5 lippies.
It reminded me of M.A.C.'s Fixed on Drama: exact color but applied better however that is another Limited Edition! So basically if you have that or any other "Oxblood" color lipstick, you'll be on trend for this lippie. I posted a lip comparison chart and you can see 
how close it is in color to other lipsticks on the market.

Other Dupes:
WetnWild "Cherry Bomb"
Finish: Semi-Matte
M.A.C. Media
Finish: Satin
Milani "Black Cherry"
Finish: Matte

Nude = NYX Butter Matte Lipstick
Color: cool nude cream
Finish: Matte
The surprising hit out of the collection was the cool taupe nude recalling the grunge look of the 90s or as I like to call them "zombie lips" which is how it'll look like on lighter complexions. The amazing thing was finding a dupe in the NYX line again. NYX's Butter Matte lipstick is the same cool taupe nude. A darker version that works well also is the NYX Maison Matte lipstick.

UPDATE: The Buffs by Maybelline has 2 taupe lipsticks that are close dupes.
1) Touchable Taupe - 940 a dark taupe nude
2) Sin-A-Mon - 935 a light taupe nude
Cream finish
3) Raw Reveal LE Maybelline "Dare to Be Bold" collection
4) M.A.C. Stone lip pencil (perm)
>>Check out my review on them for swatches and more!<<

Who's That Chick = CG Temptation Lip Perfection 
Color: mid-tone orange
Finish: Frost
This lipstick is a great topper or combiner to create ombre lip looks. Frost lippies aren't hard to find at the drugstore. I'm sure I'll be adding more to this list.

Other Dupes:
Milani "Orangina"
Finish: Frost
NEW: Mac "Meltdown"
Finish: Frost

Pleasurebomb = Pleasure Bomb This!
Color: bright fuchsia
Finish: Matte
I never bothered looking for a dupe for this one. I just made it at home with two M.A.C. lippies.
RiRiWoo + Candy YumYum

Here's the recipe:
1. Line your lips with M.A.C. Cherry Lipliner
2. Swipe RiRiWoo once
3. Swipe Candy Yum Yum twice
…and watch it transform in to a bright matte fuchsia!
I get compliments on this all the time.
Easy peasey lemon squeezy!

Other Dupes:
Revlon Cherries in the Snow
Finish: Creme
Mac Moxie LE
Finish: Matte

Bad Girl RiRi = NYX Euro Trash Matte lipstick
Color: taupey nude
Finish: Matte
This nude lippie is warmer and rosier in tone than the Nude. 

Try UD Naked or Mac Beurre Lip liners.

How are you liking the dupes?

Stay sweet lovelies!