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M.A.C. Punk Couture Collection Review

M.A.C. Punk Couture - released Dec 26, 2013

This is a fun, dark-themed collection. While some people may not be the 'dark lippie' type, there is so much you can do with these. I'll post lip looks that expand the use of these lip colors. All of the lipsticks in this collection were matte lipsticks. They applied without a hitch. 
For me, the standout lippie was Punk Couture. 

I liked the darker purple. Not as bright as Heroine but it reminded me of a matte version of a previously released LE lippie from M.A.C. Nudes and Metallics called Dominate (a frost). A really nice deep purple! I had no real issues putting it on. Most other purples I've tried tend to go on blotchy or streaky (I've noticed this about some purples perhaps the pigment doesn't adhere to the base) but this matte formula works. I lightly lined with M.A.C. Nightmoth

Instigator was so reminiscent of Smoked Purple (M.A.C.'s permanent pro lippie) and eeringly almost like Talk That Talk but more purple. Perhaps because I've been reviewing a lot of dark lipsticks! For a beauty blogger, when you've seen one, you've seen them all! Anyway, I thought this is what TTT should have applied like! It was a smoother application and not as absurdly dry as TTT was. I lightly lined with M.A.C. Nightmoth. Other close dupes to this are M.A.C. Cyber-satin perm and Lipscape's Jacobin' which I reviewed in a previous post.

Hautecore (pronounced 'oat-core') yes you got that right, was M.A.C.'s 1st matte black lippie 
pre-released on Black Friday. Not-so-matte to me and having black lippies already, not a standout 
(but good to have if you don't happen to have black). 
Check out my previous blog post for a full review on this lippie and alternate lip looks! 
If you did miss out, try WnW Pagan Angel for just $1.99 or Lime Crime's Styletto which has more of an opaque vinyl finish. I've been looking at Pretty Zombie Cosmetic's liquid lipstick Black Cat which by the swatches posted thus far appears to be a very good true matte black. I recently reviewed their Purple Poison liquid lipstick and was quite impressed.

Studded Kiss was more of a brick red in terms of color on my lips (I'm NC20) and not really a true oxblood color imo but it went on smoothly. It reminded me of LC's Glamour 101 which is a 
dark brownish red just not as opulent because of the matteness. 
It's also extremely close to M.A.C.'s Diva just a tad lighter.

Overall M.A.C.'s Punk Couture Collection was definitely more creative than the one M.A.C. released in the summer which featured two lippies: Cyber-satin and Dark Side-amplified (both perms). I didn't get anything else from the collection although the lip glasses looked very interesting and beautiful layered on top of the lippies. I won't be getting any though as I have way too many lip glasses that can pretty much create a similar effect. 

Hautecore - matte black LE
 Rating: 4/5

Punk Couture - deep blackened grape LE
  Rating: 5/5

Instigator - deep blackened plum LE
  Rating: 5/5

Studded Kiss - dark oxblood red LE
 Rating: 5/5

What did you get from the collection?

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
Please when sharing pics, link back to this blog. 

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