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Maybelline - The Buffs Review

The Buffs
Color Sensational Lipsticks
Maybelline - The Buffs

What's not to love about a natural lip color?
It really makes no demands on you, it's wearable and classic.

Maybelline The Buffs is pure excitement and fun.

For less than $10 a lipstick: you can play with an endless variety of 'nude' lip shades.
Retails for $8.99.
However you can get it at Walgreens for $7.49 unless they're running a bogo half off or pay $5.49 at Target. 

When I initially went about getting these shades, I noticed everywhere that the two shades that were consistently sold out were #915 Blushing Beige and #920 Nude Lust. Why I don't know. Both are at the lighter end of the spectrum that Maybelline offers. People are going to gravitate to certain colors anyway. There were some that caught my eye immediately when I opened them and others that weren't necessarily my first choice. But I wear every shade imaginable and think I probably have every shade too (lol) so I can't allow any lipstick biases in my reviews. Or I'd miss out on a new shade that is great.

Maybelline rounded out this collection nicely with very light shades to very dark shades and a broad range in between. The finishes on the Color Sensational for the most part are creamy. They have good coverage and slip. They are all very wearable. However they don't wear super long.
These would have rocked even more if the finish were a matte a la M.A.C., imo.

I decided to work my way from darkest to lightest.
I prep my lips and block out underlying lip color to get the best representation of the lipstick color.
Underlying lip color always affects the way lipstick looks especially with pink and nude shades.

Please also note: that I am not posting any dupes to this collection. It is a very affordable collection. Obviously if you have similar shades, you may want to try a different lipstick from this collection to expand your lip palette.

Also I included a 'general guideline' as to which lipsticks work with complexion undertones for those who want a specific go-to-nude lippie and don't want to venture out of the 'safe zone'. 
Please do not let this deter you if you want to try a lipstick that doesn't fall in your range! 
I wear them all myself! 

Espresso Exposed - 955
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: All Skin Tones
Especially flattering for WOC.
This is a dark chocolate with red undertones. It is Maybelline's answer to the popular oxblood lips that dominated the Fall season. Such as M.A.C. Talk That Talk, Fixed on Drama, Media to name a few. As well as other drugstore brands such as Wet'nWild Cherry Bomb.
955 Espresso Exposed

Untainted Spice - 950
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: Olive, Medium and Darker Skin Tones; Especially Cool-Undertones
This is a medium-dark pinkish brown. It reminds me of one of M.A.C.'s lippies from the Middle Eastern collection…Double Shot? Not a lippie that I would gravitate to but I can rock it.
950 Untainted Spice

Stormy Sahara - 945
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: All Skin Tones; Especially Warm-Undertones
This is a medium peach nude. This is one of my favs! I didn't think I'd like it but I put it on and it was like yes! Perhaps it was the peachy tones that I liked. 
945 Stormy Sahara

Touchable Taupe - 940
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: Medium to Dark Skintones; Especially Cool Undertones
This is a medium taupe nude. Very reminiscent of the taupe nudes that have been popular of late. 
It reminds me of the trendy and popular M.A.C. lippies: Rihanna's Nude, Exclusive Event and similar shades. It has that grayish cast and is the darker of the two taupe nudes in this collection. Sin-A-Mon is the lighter taupe nude.
940 Touchable Taupe

Sin-A-Mon - 935
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: All Skintones; Especially Cool Undertones
This is a light taupe nude. Again reminds me of the taupe nudes I listed above. Also very much like a creamy version of NYX's Matte lipstick in Butter. 
935 Sin-A-Mon

Truffle Tease - 930
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: All Skintones; Especially Warm Undertones
This is a light peachy-caramel nude. This is similar to Stormy Sahara only a lighter version with a slight grey tinge. I almost categorized this as a light taupe but it's not.
930 Truffle Tease

Maple Kiss - 925
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: All Skintones; Especially Warm Undertones
This is a light-medium terra-cotta nude. After going thru the taupe nudes, we wind up here, the marker lippie before we enter into the lighter nude shades. This is different from the rest of the collection in that it is a much warmer color.
925 Maple Kiss

Nude Lust - 920
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: Light Skintones; Especially Warm Undertones
This is a light pinkish nude. Now my lips are starting to fade. I'm in the lightest range. Very subtle pink undertones. Only can tell by swatching on the hand when comparing to Blushing Beige. Looking at this one along with the Blushing Beige in the tube you can hardly tell the difference. However Blushing Beige has peach tones and is even lighter than this. What a difference working from the darkest to lightest!
920 Nude Lust

Blushing Beige - 915
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: Light Skintones; Especially Warm Undertones
This is a light peachy nude. Now I'm fading fast. I'll be slipping into pale nude oblivion here.
Nice lippie don't get me wrong. It definitely has pale peach tones.
915 Blushing Beige

Bare All - 910
Rating: 5/5
Suitable for: Light Skintones
This is a pale beige nude. This is a fun lippie. Quite possibly the base they use to mix all the other lipsticks I've just reviewed! Lol… And I mean fun in that most people would pass this up. However it doesn't have to be worn straight-up outta the tube unless you're going for a fashion style (mod). It can be used to lighten an existing shade or blended with any lipliner to create a new lip shade.
910 Bare All

This collection has definitely renewed my love of the 'nude' lippie.
With it's variety and affordability, it's drool-worthy collection.

What's your fav 'The Buffs' lippie?

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
Please when sharing pics, link back to this blog. 

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