Friday, March 28, 2014

My Lip Ode to the 4 Seasons - Ombre Lips

Ombre of the Week ~ The 4 Seasons Lips

Finally getting out of Winter. The fight has been fierce! And it's been a long brutal winter in Chiberia. I decided to celebrate the 1st day of Spring (which snowed here btw) with 4 seasons lips. My lip ode to the seasons. Enjoy...

Winter Lips
Winter Lips
My lip ode to a Winter that Sucketh,
Nay I shall Not miss thee either,
& don't let the door hit you on the way out! 

Spring Lips
Spring Lips
My lip ode to Spring
Where have thou beenst?
Misseth thee like the Rain,
now bringeth on the Sunshine!

Summer Lips
Summer Lips
 My lip ode to Summer
Toes in the sand
Water, waves and warmth on the wind,
time for bbq and a drink in my hand!

Fall Lips
Fall Lips
My lip ode to Fall
Pretty changing leaves
harvest time and pumpkin lattes,
vampy burgundy lips galore!

What is your fav season?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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