Friday, April 11, 2014

Too Faced Melted Violet Review

Liquified Longwear Lipstick


Spotted these new lippies at Sephora and had to get one! Especially the violet!
Swatched them on my hand...
One stroke=brilliant coverage.
Amazing intensely pigmented color. 
Artificial candy scent but doesn't linger.
Angled velvet tip applicator and squeeze tube make it effortless to put on.
….and no mess. No staining.

Getting tons of compliments!
Move over OCC…TooFaced does lips right!

Now I can't wait to try the other colors!

Rating: 5/5

Melted Violet Lips

Have you gotten Melted?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

M.A.C. PatentPolish Lip Pencil Review

M.A.C. finally jumps on the bandwagon of the lip pen/balm/sticks/lacquers/stains craze made popular by Revlon, L'Oreal and Clinique. (There are others out there but if I didn't mention them it's probably because I don't use them, ie. WnW, Jordana, Tarte, etc.)

So are they any good? 

I've been testing them out and they're not bad. They're not spectacular either. They would rock if they were mattes. What I like about the M.A.C. PatentPolish is that you do get more product. About 0.08 oz versus say the L'Oreal lip pens that came out at 0.03 oz. I like the signature M.A.C. vanilla scent better than the mint scent that the Revlon ones have. I've never really gotten into the Clinique Chubby Sticks and it's been a very long, long while since I've even used Clinique. So I think in that respect, these have my interest. 

The round tip is weird-looking but it actually feels good and I don't have any problems with application. The pen is sturdy and big with a twist-up tip so there's no sharpening. Many voiced that they prefer a sharp point. But sharp points don't make sense because they don't last. The L'Oreal ones had it but wore down upon application. Plus to have a sharp point, you would have to sharpen. Waste of product and not really necessary. I think the factor really is the price tag. It's a whooping $20. A bit steep considering it's not a long-lasting formula and you can spend that amount for a liquid lipstick that's matte and lasts all day. Really it's a gloss in a twist-up pen.

But the idea has potential and it's neat.

I think having at least one, you could apply or dab a little in the center of a matte lip to create an ombre look. Or use two pencils to create an ombre lip. Which I did using Sultana and PatentPink in the pic below. If these were matte, creating and mixing the colors would be really fantastic.

Other than that I recommend playing with these at the M.A.C. counter.

I ordered 3 colors:

Sultana was the only one I was disappointed in because it didn't look anything like the swatch on the M.A.C. site. Instead of being berry purple, it's actually a brownish plum. Too brown. Speaking of pics,  I tried to make my lips look as deliciously glossy as patent shoes like in the photo but no such luck.

Fearless. I love this one! It is a blue pink. What helped make it last longer was lining and filling in my lips. I used LE Mac Silly lip pencil. It is a pretty pink. Wearing this more, I appreciate that they do keep my lips moist after I wipe them off.

Rating: 4/5

Please Note: I will update this post with swatches of Fearless and PatentPink.
UPDATED! Fearless and PatentPink are up.

Would I purchase more?
It depends, I'd have to swatch the other colors.

They're not streaky.
They smell great.
They apply smoothly.
They don't dry out the lips.
They can be used for Back-to-M.A.C.

Don't last long
Lustres in a pen form.
M.A.C. PatentPolish

Brownish plum.
Sultana Lips

Here's my ombre lips using 2 colors. 
Sultana + PatentPink Lips

My fav thus far.
Fearless Lips

A pretty washed-out Lilac!
PatentPink Lips

Did you get any PatentPolish lip pencils?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

M.A.C. by Request Lippie Review

 It's amazing how goo-goo gaga everyone is going over this. Hey I'm one of them. I'm still reviewing these lippies. I just got them and only tried one. I like to test lippies and wear them for a bit longer to see how they feel, wear, etc. I will update this post with the other two lippies.


So M.A.C. had the voting contest for a selection of lippies that they were planning on bringing back. I voted for Rozz, which was a matte watermelon pink. Sadly it didn't win. I feel the colors are repetitive and dupable. Hoop reminds me so much of Please Me when I opened the tube. Glam in the tube looked like Fifth Ave Red by Revlon  but actually it's not - surprise! Pink Poodle was interesting. It is the standout in the collection. What was most interesting was that it's a Glaze lippie. I think many thought it was a Frost but it's not. I'm not into Glaze lippies. The only one I have is Pervette. Glaze finish is very sheer. I lined my lips and filled them in to help the Glaze pop. Lustre's are sheer too but creamy and buildable. It would be nice if M.A.C. does this request promo again. I wish the other colors would have been re-introduced or maybe even re-promoted in upcoming collections.

M.A.C. by Request Lippies 2014

Rating: 4.5/5
Glaze Finish; Very Sheer
Hot Fuchsia Pink with Blue Shift
Dupes: NYC Blue Rose; D&G Chic Monica; UD Jilted
This is the standout in the collection thus far. I took a 1/2 point off because it doesn't wear long. But the color pops and I recommend lining and filling with a lipliner (I used Mac Magenta) prior to application. If you're on the fence as to whether you should get anything from this collection, I think this one would be my 1st choice. The other two are so similar to what I have already. And it's frankly what Mac does. They re-do similar colors or put them in pretty packaging but it's the same color that you have in the 100's of lippies you own. Or in my case, 1,000s.
Pink Poodle Lips - a glaze lippie bright fuchsia blue-pink

Rating: 4.5/5
Satin Finish; Opaque more like a Matte
 Warm Salmon Yellow Pink
Dupes: M.A.C. Please Me; 
WnW Pinkerbell (brighter); Covergirl #260 Heavenly and MUFE Aquarouge #15 (slightly darker, pinker)
When I opened the tube to this, it looked like Please Me, a permanent M.A.C. lippie. I took a pic on my IG showing how similar they look. While Hoop is slightly more warmer than Please Me, they are very close. My tube felt more like a matte than a satin. The color is nice and perfect for summer. I included WnW Pinkerbell as a close drugstore match although Hoop is slightly muted version. I took a 1/2 point off because while it has great coverage, it feels dry on my lips.
Hoop Lips - a satin lippie warm salmon pink

Rating: 4.5/5
Matte Finish; Opaque
Bright Pinkish Red
I love red lipsticks. It doesn't matter how many I have, I always like trying a new one. In this case, I thought initially it would be a darker red as it looks that way in the tube. However when I did try it on, it has vibrant pink undertones. It would say that it's almost like a matte version of Rihanna's Viva Glam frost red lippie. Very bright, A perfect glam red. If this is the closest to getting Rozz, I'll take it.
UPDATED NOTE: I decided to take a 1/2 point off simply because it does stain!
Glam Lips - a matte pink red

Which lippie did you vote for?
Should M.A.C. bring back the others?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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Sephora Femme Artistry Palette

Dontcha love a Sephora VIB Rouge Sale?
15% and still going on at the time of this post.
I believe the last day is April 11th.
I decided to get this Radiant Femme Artistry Palette.
1) It looks like a MacBook Air
2) A beautiful selection of eyeshadows
3) A huge mirror
4) I usually get something from their Color of the Year collection
5) 15% off
6) Do I need to say any more? :)

Sephora Radiant Femme Artistry Eyeshadow Palette

I still have yet to play with this! There's just so much here.
Look at the colors!!

Eyeshadows and Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

I did get to play with the color of the year.
It's the biggest pan in the palette.
I decided to mix it with my Mac mixing medium in matte to use it on the lips.
I figure I could save for $ instead of buying the matte lipstick which is in the collection.
I think it turned out great.
I'm going to try it as a blush too and obviously eyeshadow.

Homemade Radiant Orchid lips using color + medium.
 What did you get from the Sephora Color of the Year collection?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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