Saturday, May 31, 2014

M.A.C. Alluring Aquatic Collection 2014 - EyeshadowsLege

Alluring Aquatic Eyeshadows

M.A.C. Alluring Aquatic - the haul.

Although they are not the full size eyeshadows that M.A.C. offers, these 'minis' are another definite must-have! The Extra Dimension finish creates beautiful crystallized colors. Each shadow is buttery and easy to work with. M.A.C. describes them as 'shimmering tints'. You can see how they apply sheer on my swatches below or with primer which intensifies the prismatic reflective pigments in each shadow. So you can wear them sheer or deepen the color with primer.
My favs are Fathoms Deep and Legendary Lure.
There are 6 eyeshadows in the collection.
1.3 g/0.04 US oz.
Retails: $19.50

Fathoms Deep - a deep blue
While described as a 'deep blue', it's more of a silvery purple.
Buttery and beautiful over primer.
Black really deepens the color.
One of my favs!
2nd swatch over Stila Smudgestick in Black.

Lorelie - a golden beige.
Pretty shimmery, soft and buttery classic beige. 
Natural pretty by itself and with primer, Intensified pretty.
2nd swatch over Nyx Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil.

Sea Worship - a tarnished olive.
A pretty soft olive green almost like an antique gold.
2nd swatched over Nyx Milk Jumbo Lip Pencil.

Soul Serenade - a deep plum brown.
Very rich plummy brown color!
2nd swatch over Stila Smudgestick in Black.

Legendary Lure - a deep cerulean.
Gorgeous deep emerald green color! My fav after Fathoms Deep.
2nd swatch over Stila Smudgestick in Black.

Silver Sun - a mid-tone dirty sea foam green.
Feelin' like a mermaid with this beautiful green color.
2nd swatch over Nyx Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil.

What did you get from the Alluring Aquatic collection?
Stay sweet lovelies!

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