Saturday, May 31, 2014


The Drool Gallery: NYX Macaron 
From the first press photos that were released, these lippies looked like a fun collection. Finally, the mainstream market was getting rainbow lippies at affordable prices. NYX always offers cruelty-free, vegan friendly formulas. When I finally got the lipsticks, of course I was overjoyed at the colors. As for performance, well some of the lippies applied streakily. 
And I don't know why but my lips became painfully sensitive as well. I can't say for sure whether one of the lipstick's caused an allergic reaction or not. I had to set them aside and let my lips get back to normal before trying them again. I did manage to finish swatching the last two: Chambord and Coconut and had no reactions. However I haven't worn any of others since. I will post updates on that when and if I do to see if I get a reaction. Also a weird thing happens with the tube. The lipstick itself seems to slowly fall back down into the case when twisted up. I will post a video of this on my Instagram…so stay tuned. 
Flimsy, cheap design, I guess?

On a positive note, these lippies have a light vanilla-cake scent. 
Usually NYX lippies are unscented. So that was a delightful treat! 
Note: The tube says "Macaron" which is the french spelling for the delicious french pastry.
But it is still pronounced as it is spelled here in the States: "Macaroon".
(Just in case if you were wonderin'.)

These are fun lippies. They are inexpensive too. Now that they are becoming available at other places besides the initial online release, you can get them for BOGO 1/2 off. So take advantage of that! I wish I did. They can be mixed to create ombre lips however I still prefer other products for that. I definitely want to experiment more with them but the ombre below is what I got from using the white and black so far. 
Not bad at all in terms of coverage! 
Prepping and priming your lips creates the best canvas for these lippies as some are unfortunately streaky.
Well onto the swatches!

Retails for: $6.00
Vegan, cruelty-free.
OMBRE OF THE WEEK: Using NYX Chambord & Coconut
Part of the collection are the white and black lipsticks. 
Which can be worn on their own for the daring or mixed with the other colors to lighten or darken a shade. 

Blue Velvet Lips - electric blue.
One of the my favs. 
A beautiful blue that pops. 
Highly pigmented, opaque coverage.
Rating: 5/5
Lavender Lips - lavender.
Another winner.Perfect lavender color. Reminds me of Lime Crime D'Lilac.
Highly pigmented, opaque coverage.
Rating: 5/5

Violet Lips - royal purple.
A deeper purple color.
Not for the faint of heart.
Beautiful shade.
Highly pigmented, opaque coverage.
Rating: 5/5
Key Lime Lips - lime green.
Pretty green shade.
However this one was streaky!
Seems to happen a lot with green.
Good lip prep and lining and filling in with a green eye liner or similar color will help.
Rating: 4/5
Pistachios Lips - mint green.
 This one!
Another fav.
Love the teal color. Absolutely perfect.
And I love pistachios!
Highly pigmented, opaque coverage.
Rating: 5/5
Citron Lips - yellow.
 The color in the tube looked like "Cheetos'.
It seemed cheesy…lol I know.
But on the lips, it's a bright yellow albeit very streaky!
Rating: 3/5
Black Sesame Lips - light gray.
Pretty unique gray shade.
Like the color of my porch! Haha.
Another fav. 
Highly pigmented, opaque coverage.
Rating: 5/5
Rose Lips - lavender pink.
Cute, cute bright pink color.
Bubblegum and Barbie comes to mind.
Highly pigmented, opaque coverage.
Rating: 5/5 
Orange Blossom Lips - orange.
Much lighter on lips than in the tube.
Popping orange.
Somewhat streaky.
Rating: 5/5
Early Grey Lips - powder blue.
Soft powdery blue.
A nice lighter variation from the darker blue in the collection.
Highly pigmented, opaque coverage.
Rating: 5/5

What lippies did you get from the NYX Macaron collection?

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
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