Saturday, June 21, 2014

Definitive Dupe Guide to Kelly Osbourne Lipsticks

You asked so here it is.
I had already looked thru my stash for similar colors long before I got the lippies.

They are not necessarily hard to recreate however 
some of them you'll have to be a lil' creative.

Dodgy Girl
Color: a light lavender LE
Finish: Matte

Dodgy Girl - matte lavender lippie LE

Dodgy Girl - matte lavender lippie LE
Super smooth application. 
The most coveted lippie from this collection 
(with Riot House being the 2nd hottest.)
It is a pretty pinky-purple lavender lippie.
Finally M.A.C. came out with their version of the trend-setting shade.
For those of you who haven't ventured into trend colors, this is a gem.
For those who have similar shades, it's just another one to add to the collection.

For me, I started wearing the 'lavender lip' when Lime Crime came out with the trend-setting collection that had everybody jumping on the bandwagon to recreate the rainbow.

Since Dodgy Girl has more pink in it, on my lips it reminded me of Cover Girl Divine and Mac Asian Flower. Both are pinkish purples. Depending on your lip undertone, you may wind up with a more pinkish purple than what you see in the tube. 
I posted swatches on my IG of both myself and my daughter (who has a different, darker skin tone) wearing Dodgy Girl and it looks different. So keep that in mind with this lipstick. 
If you are looking for that true lavender purple lipstick, the one that has never failed me or looked pinkish at all on my lips is: Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn.
2nd pick: drugstore brand NYX Macaron Lipstick in Lavender.

So here are my dupes and thoughts...
And as always I will update this post with more dupes!

Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn: "the original Queen of Lavender lipsticks"
 less pink than Dodgy Girl
Amplified-type finish
bit of shine

Lime Crime D'Lilac: "the Rolls Royce of Lilac Lipsticks"
more blue
pale, opaque
Amplified-type finish
bit of shine

Mac Nicki 2 Limited Edition: amplified
 more pink
very pale

NYX Macaron Lipstick in Lavender:  similar to Airborne Unicorn
not as opaque
cream finish

Kleancolor Cast of Spell: similar to D'Lilac
sheer, buildable
semi-matte finish

Cover Girl Divine: cream
pinkish purple

OCC Hoochie Liptar
bright pigmented purple
shiny finish

Watered down versions: 
Mac Asian Flower: Cremesheen Supreme finish
pale lavender pink

Maybelline Oh La Lilac: sheer; pale lavender pink
this would be like the lustre version of this lippie

There are many Indie brands out there that have 'lavender' lipsticks.
I couldn't even begin to list them here as there are just so many!

Riot House
Color: light vivid orange
Finish: Matte
Riot House - light pastel peach matte lippie LE
The 2nd hottest lippie from this collection.
It is very dry for a matte but usually most lippies this color have that issue.
The issue of being chalky and dry.
Best to apply with light dabbing motions.
Prep lips and line prior to application
Helps and lasts longer.

Mac Sweet & Sour: lightest and closest from Mac line
Please note: Mac Sushi Kiss is too dark; with more red/pink
Lime Crime Cosmopop
WnW Just Peachy: muted peach, slightly darker
OCC Kava Kava
Revlon Jungle Peach
NYX Orange Blossom with a swipe of NYX Coconut on top will get a close match
NYX Hippie Chic: initially I had this as a dupe simply because it's chalky like RH however it does lean more towards pink
UPDATED: Hourglass Nude No1 (swatch on Instagram)
NYX Forbidden Matte Lipstick (new shades)

Strip Poker
Color: a light nude LE
Finish: Matte
Strip Poker - light matte nude lippie LE

This lippie is dry. I swiped it on instead of dabbing. 
Lined with Mac Sublime Culture.
It's pale and very matte but somehow strangely turned out a sexy nude.
The first two lipsticks this one reminded me of this were:
Mac Pret-a-Pretty LE
Mac Myth
UPDATED: NYX Shy Matte Lipstick (new shades)
NYX Cairo Soft Matte Lip Cream (new 2014 shade)

Think of "concealer color" lipsticks for very fair skin tones or
 "Honey I just ate a donut" lip look.

Lime Crime Coquette: slightly darker
Mac Angel Kiss LE

Kelly Yum Yum
Color: a bright blue pink LE
Finish: Satin
(swatch pic to be posted soon)

You can definitely find a hot cool pink lippie just about anywhere these days!

Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent
Milani Rosehip
Stila Hot Pink Vinyl
Bite Beauty Moscato
Nars Schiap
NYX Shocking Pink
NYX Sweet Pink (slightly darker)
Lime Crime Pink Velvetine: darker, matte
OCC Liptar Anime or Nylon: neon, shiny, opaque
Mac Candy Yum Yum: more blue; neon, retro matte finish

So as you can see the 4 lipsticks are definitely nothing necessarily 'new'. It is very much the celebrity factor and the packaging that drives this. For me, the unique lippie is Riot House as you don't see a lot of true orange lippies that are super pale out there without there being a lot of red/pink in them.

Dodgy Girl is the winner though in the collection simply because of the perfect application and feel. As for the color, well as I said before M.A.C. is a little late (better late then never) on the bandwagon for lavender lipsticks. For new lippie collectors and wearers, it is unique. For those that have been in the game for a while, just another one to add to the collection.

Either way, I hope you got what you wanted from this collection!
And if you didn't, May the dupes be with You!

Stay sweet lovelies!

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