Thursday, June 12, 2014

M.A.C. Pure Heroine LE Lipstick Review


I had posted my review, swatches, comparisons and thoughts on Pure Heroine recently on my IG.
Here is a summary and the pics.

Pure Heroine Lips - deep rich purple - amplified finish

PURE HEROINE LIPS:...a deep rich purple limited edition lipstick.
Retails: $16.00
Still available on site at the time of this posting.

This is a very pretty purple in an amplified finish. It is purple make no mistake! Swatched on my hand which is different skin-wise to my lips, you can see it's purple. When I wiped my lips on a napkin, it was: Purple. Heroine in it's pure form and I can see why they used the Amplified finish as it is slightly translucent because purple pigment seems to do that especially when it's over a lip undertone, it looks slightly more pinker. You would think that it's a dupe of Mac Rebel or even WnW's Ferguson Crest Cabernet, but it's not. They have more red anyway. You can see that swatched next to PH. The 4th is Maybelline Lavender Voltage LE which is purple but brighter. This is a unique lippie. It's a shame that it got released so close to the Osbourne collection and in early summer. Not quite the hot color this moment. But a keeper nonetheless. And yes there was a lovely stain left behind on my lips-indication of high pigment. I'll be playing with this lippie some more as a soft wash of purple and/or combined with liners and other colors/glosses.

I just wanted to add my final thoughts in the lippie world. I stand by my words that this is a 'unique lippie' in the M.A.C. world. While my comparison chart shows that it is very similar to, for ex. Revlon's Shameless, IMO it is nowhere near the level of a M.A.C. lippie. However those of you on a budget or looking to spend on something else then alts are there. I say this despite my sometimes "Mac is Wack" posts that I am a "Mac Girl"! 
Glad to have this lippie in my kingdom!


Those of you on the fence and I say this not because anyone pays me to say it 
(heck I buy my own stuff-disclaimer) def get this if: 
1)You love Purple Lipstick 
2)You are a Lorde Fan 
3)You are a Lippie Collector 
4)You are an MUA 
➡Super Smooth application

Have you gotten yours?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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