Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kat von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks - Review

Kat von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks at Sephora

I just love new lipstick collections when they come out. When I hear 30 shades with new shades, reformulated, then I see the colors that are offered and Whoa! ...scented like Mac too…I'm there.

I got 6 shades.
Poe, Coven, Noble, Bauhau5, Sexer, and Wonderchilde.
It was hard to pick seriously but it was my birthday.
So far so good.
There are some things though.

Let's first start off with the most coveted lippie (next to Coven).
Which is Poe.
It is a shimmery navy. 

For me wearing this inside in the indoor lighting of a dimly-lit living room for example,
it looks like a dark navy, almost black. 
When I swatched it in-store —under the great lights— it looks pretty much like the picture below. Luckily I was able to capture the blue which has a tinge of purple to it.
It's a glitter lipstick because it has a gritty texture to it; not uncomfortable but I can feel it.
The color itself goes on well but as you build color, it does get a bit patchy.
I lined with Urban Decay Sabbath Eyeliner which is darker navy than the lip color.

I really dig this color.
It is a badass lippie.

I like the fact as I checked out all the testers at Sephora —swiping on the back of my hand endlessly— how Kat von D managed to feature pretty much a wide selection of the trendiest colors in lipsticks.
Really great. 
For Poe fans, this is kinda like an accessible version of the cult fav, dark blue lippie that is always out of stock (Melt's DGAF). Although Poe was sold out when it hit the shelves, not every Sephora has clientele that flock to it just to grab that one blue lipstick! I was able to find it elsewhere and at the time of this post, Poe is still available online.

Rating: 4/5

Poe Lips - shimmery navy 

 My swatching frenzy at Sephora produced this lovely combo below. 
My daughter loved Thin Lizzy and Gothica which looked gorgeous on her skin tone btw! 

Wonderchilde is another shimmery neon purple glitter lipstick. So putting it on top of Poe made it patchy and uneven as you can see however the resulting knock-out purple was phenomenal! Lined with Urban Decay Vice and Sabbath Eyeliners.

Rating: 4/5

Wonder Poe Lips - Poe topped with Wonderchilde

Rating: 5/5

Sexer Lips - iridescent fluorescent pink
I had been neglecting my hot pinks lately. I am so glad I got this one. I couldn't stop staring at my lips. LOL! It's a very bright pink lippie. I used Mac Embrace Me LE lipliner. You can use any hot pink liner such as NYX Hot Pink or Mac Shocking Value. This lippie has iridescence which makes it very different from say Mac Candy Yum Yum. I love that I can mix this lippie with other shades too. I added Sexer on top of Bauhau5

Bauhau5 + Sexer Lips - a lipmix = hot magenta!

Rating: 4/5

Bauhau5 Lips - matte berry
I opted to get this version of Bauhau5 first. I swatched the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick but wasn't too sure if it would work for me. Some of them wear thin on me. However I wound up getting the Bauhau5 in the liquid version as well which I love. It turned out great and is much more pigmented than this one. But I kept this one as the color does remind me of Mac Heaux LE. Plus it looked great on my daughter as well. I lined using Mac Vino (perm). It is not as opaque and you do need to swipe. The matte wears comfortably. 

Bauhau5 Lips - Guest Lippie Model: Ellie

Rating: 3/5

Noble Lips - matte peach
When I swatched this in store, it looked lovely. Right up my alley of peachy nudes that I've been wearing mostly all summer long. However when I got it on my lips, it was like….dry. Drier that Mac Strip Poker or Riot House! Ugh! Some folks like the feel of an uber dry lipstick. And some like the chalky lip look. By itself it's not so bad. You do get used to it but I decided I needed to add a little something on top of it. I lined using Mac Cream'OSpice lip liner. 
I added Too Faced Country Star La Creme which was actually too watery for my lips to wear by itself. So I added it on top and got just what I love. It pairs perfectly!
A beautiful peachy lip!

(Ratings on Noble and Country Star lipstick are for the individual lippie's performance. 
When combined they function at a Rating of 5/5!) 

Rating: 3/5
Country Star Lips - peachy lippie (on top of Noble)

The remaining 2 lippies I have to post are: Coven and Wonderchilde (by itself). So stay tuned! Swatches will be posted on Instagram and Facebook as well.

Retails: $21
Available at:

What did you manage to snag from this collection?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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