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Kleancolor Femme Lipstick - LS1276 Review

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Femme Lipstick comes in an assortment of shades.
This collection features "cool" shades of grey, silver, blue, teal, purple, 
with some rose and pale cream beiges thrown in. 
The site merely has it labeled LS1276.

I've tried on all of the shades which are:

#13 Snow Flakes 

#14 Lady Glory

#15 Victorian Era

#16 Golden Rule

#17 French Garden

#18 Sealed Secret

#19 Teal Attraction

#20 Cruise Line

#21 Ocean Streak

They cost a mere $1.99.
Some online retailers sell them for $1.00 but are often sold out.
I purchased mine directly from as they had all the colors in stock.
Some tubes arrived damaged with either the tip getting smooshed or the tube falling out.

These are what I like to call #twodollarlippies
Don't expect a lot.
I go in with low expectations.
Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised.
All these lippies have a strong scent.
I've noticed that the scent is not necessarily consistent.
Some smell downright pleasant actually like #6 Fiesta.
Kinda like Fabuloso.
You definitely need a good lip prep and liners to get the most outta these.
If you can deal with the scent then you can rock these lippies.
This review are my 1st impressions.
I will give all these lippies another go even the ones I didn't care for so you know that
 they won't just be collecting dust in the drawer!
They are a novelty in the world of lipsticks where you get play with 
so many different colors for a very low low price.

#13 Snow Flakes Lips - light gray
Rating: OK
This lippie is streaky.
It needs a lip prep and liner.
I was able to create a subtle gradient however you can see how uneven it is.
Woulda rocked if this was opaque!
I lined using NYX Gray Eyeliner.

#14 Lady Glory Lips - metallic silver
Rating: Meh.
I wished this turned out like #9 Oro and #16 Golden Rule.
The tube was damaged and loose.
The application was gritty.
I lined and filled-in with NYX Platinum Eyeliner but that didn't help.
The gritty texture kept moving it all around.
They really need to improve this!
I lined using NYX Platinum Eyeliner.

#15 Victorian Era Lips - neutral beige
Rating: OK
This lippie is very pale and streaky. It needed a liner so I used Mac Stone.
Which gave it some dimension. By itself, it's so pale that it made my lips 
disappear into my face. Prepping and lining helped a bit.

#16 Golden Rule Lips - metallic gold
Rating: Thumbs Up!
I was WOWED!
Rare to find a gold lipstick that goes on with full coverage and pigmentation.
The #9 Oro was great but this is perfection.
I lined using NYX Glitzy Gold Eyeliner.

#17 French Garden Lips - pink beige
Rating: Thumbs Up!
This lippie is a chalky matte nude.
If you love matte & chalky then this is your lippie.
It reminds me of Mac Strip Poker.
I lined using Mac HipnHappy.

#18 Sealed Secret Lips - dark metallic purple
Rating: Thumbs Up!
This reminded me of Maybelline's LE Midnight Plum lipstick
only as the metallic version of it.
No problems with application; bit blotchy (as typical with purple lippies) but nothing major.
I lined using Mac Vino.

#19 Teal Attraction Lips - teal blue
Rating: Thumbs Up!
This is a pretty decent teal blue lippie.
It's not on par with NYX Macaron Pistachio in terms of opacity and color 
(which is more of a minty teal) but it has good pigmentation.
Some uneven coverage as you can see.
I lined using NYX Azure Eyeliner.

#20 Cruise Line Lips - blue
Rating: Thumbs Up!
This is a pretty decent deep blue lippie.
This is a darker blue when compared to NYX Macaron Blue Velvet.
Again some uneven coverage as you can see.
I lined using NYX Sunrise Blue Eyeliner.

#21 Ocean Streak Lips - bright metallic purple
Rating: Thumbs Up!
I like this one even though - as with all low-end purple lippies- it's blotchy.
Looks pretty.
It has a metallic glitter texture but doesn't feel as gritty as #14 Lady Glory.
I lined using Urban Decay Ransom Eyeliner.

My top favs from this LS1274 collection: #16 Golden Rule and #21 Ocean Streak.

What is your fav Kleancolor lippie?

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
Please do not use my photos without my permission.

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