Friday, July 18, 2014

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifers Review

Magic Skin Beautifiers

L'Oreal came out with two new Beauty Balm creams. 
So are they worth it?
 Are they any different from the regular L'Oreal BB creams? Well yes and no.

They are similar as the regular L'Oreal BB creams in terms of 
having beautifying beads that transform on the skin upon application. 
The results however either reduce redness or add warmth.

I like the Anti-Redness BB Cream. The cream is green but transforms on the skin. I liken it to those makeup correctors that are green which you apply to areas that are red. It's basically the same effect. You can apply it to your entire face if you suffer from redness or just to the areas that need it to neutralize the redness and even out the complexion.

The Anti-Fatigue BB Cream one doesn't work so well on my fair skin. It turns into an apricot color on the skin so it looks orangey on me. It reminds me of the Agnes B. Apricot Cream (from a while back if anyone remembers that) that are meant to 'warm up' the skin to make it look refreshed. If you have a warmer complexion and/or a tan, this can add warmth and even out your skintone. Plus it's light enough to wear instead of foundation and hydrating.

Retails: $7.99
1.0 fl. oz.
Available from, Ulta Beauty and

Which BB Cream do you prefer?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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