Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Colourpop Lippie Stix Review

Here there are!
Colourpop Lippie Stix

Finally decided to see what all the hype was about. 
For $5 you get basically a "deluxe sample of trendy Lippie colors". 
The style of tube reminds me of the Buxom ones (but price is 1/4 of those). 
You get a 1/3 of lipstick product .
1 gram vs 3 grams that you get in a full size Mac.

Some highlights of my Colourpop haul pictured below.
1. The humongous box: containing a tiny box.
 I was like I didn't order that many! 
The mail lady was giving me the stink eye. 
2. The note: "May visions of sugar plums twerk in your head." 
Twerking plums? Lol… 
3. Actual product: Amount of product you actually get (1 gram).

My 1st Impressions:

Application on me: smooth; vanilla scent was very faint and I detected a plasticky odor. 

Finish: the ones that were labeled matte had a bit of a shine and felt somewhat sticky on. 
The ones that were glossy felt nicer. 

Wear: the one I liked the most which was Bound didn't last long on me. The lipstick disintegrated and it felt weird on my lips after a while. I still have to test the wear on the mattes tho.

Colors: are gorgeous.

Why Buy: well if your budget is tight and you want test / try trendy lippie colors
 then these are for you. 

Would I Buy Again? Probably not cuz I have tons of Mac, etc in similar colors already.
 But ya never know! Lol… 

Onto the colors!

Bound Lips - lined with Mac Pink Treat

BOUND LIPS:..a light nude pink Glossy finish lippie.
This is my fav out of the bunch. 
It reminds me of a LipMix I posted and I love nude pinks. 
Plus I like the Glossy finish the best -most comfy on my lips- more so than CP's Matte/ Satin. 
(Mac still wins out on best mattes imo). 
The downside is that this lippie did not wear long.
It fell apart on my lips after a while.
Very similar effect to what I experienced with Lorac's Alter Ego lippies. 
Lined with Mac Pink Treat. 

Wifey Lips - No liner

WIFEY LIPS:...a bright lavender pink lippie.
This is a Satin finish.
Reminds me of Mac St. Germain/Candy Yum Yum, and my Pinkalicious LipMix. 
It is super bright.
Felt comfy on the lips.
No liner used.

Pony Lips - No liner

PONY LIPS:...a soft blue-pink Satin finish lippie.
This reminds me of Mac Snob.
It is a Satin finish and felt lil'dry on my lips.
It wore well tho.
The scent is cupcake like the Buxom but lighter and still had that plasticky scent too. 
No liner used.

Brills Lips - No liner

BRILLS LIPS:...a true cool-toned lavender Satin lippie.
Colourpop's version of Mac Dodgy Girl.
I highly recommend getting this if you haven't been able to get your hands on Mac Dodgy Girl.
Although having the original will never be the same, it comes pretty close.
No liner used.

Leather Lips - Lined with Mac Nightmoth

LEATHER LIPS:...a deep blackened violet Matte lippie.
I don't know if my lips are like leather but they sure are purple like Mac Pure Heroine. 
Very much a matte version of the limited edition lippie.
Lined with Mac Nightmoth. 

Grind Lips - No liner

GRIND LIPS:...purple lips on the cheap.
This reminds me of Mac Heroine.
Too bad this wasn't around when Mac Heroine wasn't permanent.
There was that plasticky odor again and it felt somewhat sticky on.
No liner used.

And finally…
Last but not least.

Lumiere Lips - Lined with Mac Pink Treat

LUMIÈRE LIPS:...a Matte dusty mauve pink lippie.
Colourpop's #kylielips custom-made by Kathleen Lights. 
The "IT-color" of 2014.
And now 2015.
Lined with Mac Pink Treat.

Have you tried Colourpop?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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