Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Maybelline The Creamy Mattes - Review

Maybelline Mattes - all 10 lippies
I succumbed. I only wanted to try one.
I initially wasn't too impressed with the #680.
They aren't true mattes imo.
But many of the colors look like dupes of popular MAC lippies.
They offer a sensation of creaminess without any shine in the finish.
You would love it if you don't like the super dry matte lippies like 
the KatvonD Studded Kiss or MAC Retro Mattes. 

I eventually will test them all out but for me Maybellines
offer interesting color selection however all their lippies are
 the same texture and consistency.
And they don't really last in the long run.
My Maybellines tend to go rancid way before other lippies in my stash.
They are fun to play with though for a drugstore lippie.
There are just so many variations of pretty colors.

In the lip swatch below, the color felt "thin" almost like the Kleancolor lippies I tried before.
They are pigmented though.
I will update this review as I test these out.
And I don't do marathon swatching anymore.
I suffered an allergic reaction on my lips.
Not fun!
I feel the quality of my swatches aren't good when 
you're wiping and applying 10+ lipsticks in succession. 

Mesmerizing Magenta Lips - #680 - fuchsia magenta

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Creamy Mattes?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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