Thursday, March 26, 2015

NYX Intense Butter Glosses Review

Nyx Intense Butter Glosses - all 12 shades

NYX came out with a phenomenal line of glosses. Expanding on the popularity of their Butter Glosses and Lipsticks, they released the Intense Butter Glosses. These have great pigmentation, wear, feel, the scent is oh-so-amazing, and the brush has enough for 1-swipe coverage. Some lippies needed a wee bit more like the Sorbet, a pale peach and Black Cherry Tart needed some liner fill-in help, otherwise all the other colors delivered. Did I mention they smell great? Sweet vanilla yumminess. A must-have in any lipstick lover's arsenal.
And the price is right $6.00

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Which one is your favorite?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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Lime Crime Rave Swatch and Review

Amidst all the controversies and the breach, Lime Crime managed to release probably one of their most phenomenal Velvetines yet. This Velvetine performed wonderfully. It is a bright lavender and reminds me of a Mac Lavender Jade/Mac Dodgy Girl hybrid. And it does give off a wee bit of a glow in UV light.

Lime Crime Rave Velvetine
It is Limited Edition and available on the site now.
There is a limit of 2 per purchase.
For those who are weary of shopping the site, I have ordered 3 times since after the breach was contained and all my orders were processed efficiently. Delivery was prompt as they upgraded their service to Landmark. Once your local post office receives the package, allow for 1-2 days delivery. Also my advice is to use Paypayl or a prepaid card. 
A good general rule of thumb to practice for all your online shopping.

An anecdotal to all of this is -as in my previous post- quite recently a relative had their Sears card hacked. And they hardly used it. Apparently it was part of another breach that occurred at Home Depot. These hackers are relentless. Stay vigilant! Be informed.

What do you think of this new Velvetine?
Please post respectfully.
Thank you!

Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
Please do not use my photos without my permission.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Thoughts Regarding Lime Crime

At this time, I am not participating in a boycott of Lime Crime.

The issue of Lime Crime is a bit of a conundrum.

Personally, I do not want to see this brand go up in flames.

If this company has done anything illegally in any aspect of their business, the Feds will come after them. They won’t be looking at posts of the founder in Hitler garb either. (The NSA might. Of course so did Prince Harry. Royals?!).  They will be going after hard evidence if there is internal fraud of ANY kind. I guarantee you that they will shut it down. They won’t need your help. 

This scenario is very reminiscent of Steve Madden the shoe designer. He had a class action lawsuit filed against him and was convicted. He spent 31 months in prison. He resigned as CEO however the company is flourishing.  At present, the company is in over 55 countries and has 185 retail stores and 180 concessions.

It may very well be the route this unfortunate fiasco takes. However it is up to the courts of law to determine such, not the court of public opinion on social media.

The nature of this beast surpasses even the personality of the CEO. Besides there being too much drama in the makeup world in general, there is the increasing problem of identity theft and fraud at unprecedented levels. No one is immune to the cyberwar going on. Everyone is a potential victim. Your data, identity, and life will be compromised at some point. It is up to you to take steps now to educate yourself on how to deal with it, take precautions and monitor your financial health as you would with your physical health or anything else. From someone who is a victim of identity theft and fraud, the reality of this crime hit me front and center. Going through and salvaging your identity and financial life is no picnic.

As for the CEO, no one is without fault or “shadiness” either. There are no saints in this business. I’ve seen enough ugliness flinging back and forth in the posts of several makeup companies. It’s quite the puzzlement to see ugliness in a place where “beauty” is celebrated. 

The conundrum is this. I like Lime Crime products. There are many that still do. I recently hosted a giveaway featuring a Lime Crime product. As a practical person, I do not see any benefit to tossing out makeup. It is mine and I will continue to enjoy it. However in no way should either camps of boycotters or supporters bully each other. 

It is sad to see the greed and competition amongst people in the industry. Shame on all those who didn’t step in and intervene and say “Hey you got to handle your business better! What’s going on? Can we help?” Where are the responses of people who supported Lime Crime in the past such as Vegas_nay, Maryam Maquillage, CharismaStar and others? All I saw were MUAs with huge followings that got freebies post a boycott and industry rivals enflame the hate even further. Where is the empowerment? If this woman suffers from bipolar disease, please pray for her!

I have absolutely NOTHING to gain in posting this. My following is small. I have about 200 ACTIVE users on my account. My blog is a hobby. I clearly have too much makeup. Most of you probably do not know of my previous work or postings. I have featured Lime Crime products frequently. I’m sure many of you will just not be able to wrap your brains around this and will be pissed off. I can’t please all of you. I hope to never be in a place where I’m living life to please others. That sounds too miserable. But please respect me. Respect my difference of opinion and perspective. And if you’re like, “But I like your swatches and all, Duchess but I can’t get down with you on this”, then I bid you peace and a hug.

I can foresee that the company will change. It has to in order to survive. I’m watching. I took a leap of faith even after everything and ordered. I had my sights set on Riot and my order was processed successfully. (A good rule of thumb in all online shopping would be to use a prepaid card or Paypal.) I have never had problems in the past with any orders. That’s the other conundrum in that it creates fabulous products, concepts and packaging. Were they not fabulous, then other makeup companies would not be creating similar colors. Nor would there be such a surge of liquid lipsticks to hit the market. Nor would there be endless blog postings and users searching for “dupes” of their colors.

Whatever you decide to do is your own personal decision. You have your own free will to make your own decisions. I wish you the best. And when it comes to makeup, there is thankfully plenty of options to choose from.

~The Lipstick Duchess