Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bite Beauty Cava - Lipstick Review

Cava - Lined with Mac Stone


Bite Beauty won my heart back over with this lippie.
I had an unfortunate occurrence happen with one of my Bite lippies, it went rancid and mushy way before the expiration date and I kept that lippie in a cool, dry place!
I attribute it going rancid to the natural ingredients. Which means I have to use them up faster.
They just don't last as long as my other lipsticks.

So I had my eye on this one.
Here she is ~ pretty lilac beige ~ "greige". 
I used Mac Stone to greige it out some more. Winner! 
It's a great creamy alternative to Lime Crime Cashmere although a bit more ($24). 

PLEASE NOTE: you can always make it matte by dusting translucent powder over a tissue placed on your lips with a brush. Or just dusting powder over your lips and reapplying and dusting again. There are a bunch of ways of turn regular creamy lipsticks matte.

Do you like the "Griege" lippie trend?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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