Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bite Beauty - Hazelnut Lipstick Review

Bite Beauty Hazelnut - Lined with Mac Soar


A soft brown pink lippie by Bite Beauty. Part of their Butter Cream lipstick collection which I believe is permanent.

It features a flat hand-cut top that "exposes" this uber creamy center and transforms your lips into a decadent dessert. Ok, I added that last part about the dessert. No dessert transformations here. When I hear "creamy" and "butter" in the sentence describing a lippie, I'm like yes but this wasn't super creamy. Their original is much more so and it's $4 less. It's a pretty color though. 

The whole line has very wearable MLBB shades for everyone. I had my sights set on Pecan but opted for the mauvey Hazelnut being that I had lippies like Pecan already. Heck even the names are enticing. There's a lot to be said over the naming of lipsticks and how they affect consumers psychologically into buying them. I love Pecans and Hazelnuts. A lot of folks do. Not surprising how these two shades are the most popular. The flat-top is gimmicky and it's weird applying simply because I prefer a slant. This shape might be an issue for those with thin lips. Another option tho is using a brush. 

If you're a Bite Beauty fan, check these out, you might find a lippie to add to your collection otherwise I'd just add $4 more and get a Nars Audacious, now that's creamy! 

PS. Regarding the flat-top: I use Nivea balms which are flat but have no issues with those simply because they are balms not lip colors. I prefer having greater control in lipstick application and I get that more so with slanted tops. But again no problems applying just not my preference.

Retails: $28
Available at: Sephora

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