Sunday, April 19, 2015

Celebrity-Edition Series: Kim K and Taylor Swift

I've been wanting to do a series on the lipsticks that celebrities wear. Now so far I've done just these two and in some cases the celebrity may no longer wear that particular lipstick or lip combo. Nevertheless I still think there is a fan-base out there that will see a pic of a certain celebrity and will like the lip look and wonder what it is. So here are my explorations and findings. Enjoy...
Mac's non-frost Frost lippie made popular by Kim K. 
A soft pink perfect for day or night. 
I found this to be the Frost version of Mac's Pink Plaid.
It is a cool to neutral-toned pink and perfect really for a subdued look.
I like it as alternate to the more opaque Pink Plaid.
Plus it goes on super smooth.
Please Note: she adds a bit of Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss on top as well 
and uses Mac Stripdown lipliner.

Retails: $16

Dragon Girl



Featuring Taylor Swift's fav lippie: Nars Dragon Girl.

Of course the whole allure of what lipstick celebrities wear makes us feel even more glam. While I'm not a fan of Ms. Swift per se, and I didn't quite feel myself transforming into Taylor until I stepped outside and it was like yes! ...there's that lovely pink-red. 

The Nars matte lip pencil feels like there's nothing on and it's not drying. 

Lasted a good long time too. 

Me likey. 

Lined lightly with Mac Beet.

Retails: $26, Sephora, Nordstrom

There are more Celebrity-Edition Lip Looks to come!

Stay sweet lovelies!

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