Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dose of Colors Black Rose - Limited Edition Liquid Lipstick Review

Black Rose - Lined with Mac Vino


Can you hear it? ...."Glory, Glory Hallelujah"!!..... 
Yep that's what I exclaimed seeing this! 
Arrived in the mail during a terrible thunderstorm. 
Can't get any more dark side than that! 

This is a beauty. 
I applied 1 layer and got a beautiful dark red. 
As a matter of fact the exact color that I was eyeing to get in another line. 
So for me it was beautiful just with 1 layer however it didn't look as dark as in the promo pics, so I added another layer. Noticed some spots were showing up lighter. So I added some more and blended. It finally started to look dark and it dried down pretty well. 

No tacky feel. 
Felt matte.

 I did run my finger over it, and a bit was on there, so not entirely transfer-proof 
but not like the Berry's. 

If I added any more my lips would appear cracked on the inner part. 
1-2 layers is about the best. But experiment with what works best for you. 

I lined this baby with Mac Vino just to help me as a guide. 
No bleeding. 
And no discernible fragrance. 
Perhaps I was too giddy to notice? 
Oh well. We have a winner here folks. 
Me likey.

Did you manage to snag a LE Black Rose?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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