Sunday, April 19, 2015

KatvonD Underage Red - Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Review

Underage Red - Lined with Mac Cherry


The "controversial" lippie by Kat von D is NOT at all!! It reminds me of my very first red lipstick I wore during my teen years as a "goth rebel". 

It's a basic, simple red. It's described as a "Bright Crimson". Granted it is bright because it's red but not in the sense of an overt sexy red or a bombshell red like others I have worn. 

It's simple really and makes for a great 1st red lippie for anyone just starting out wearing reds hence I can see why it's called "underage"? Interesting to note is that KatvonD is not apologizing for naming this lipstick because it is inspired by her teen years when she wore such a red to rebel. And I read that story after my initial impressions when I swatched and wore it! 

While I do love me some red lipstick any day, (and this is a nice neutral red not drying actually!), personally I'm more of an "Outlaw" kinda gal.

What was your first red lippie?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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