Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mac Cinderella - Lipstick Review


 Sorry for the late blog post, I actually reviewed these on my Instagram. But here is the official blog post. I hope you did manage to snag something from this beautiful collection. And the movie has always been my favorite growing up. The remake is the best and the collect is a well-done interpretation of the essence of Cinderella. So onto the lippies…

Free as a Butterfly - Lined with Mac Spice
A super sheer LE Lustre Lippie from the Mac Cinderella collection. 
This lippie has more "slip" than the other one in this collection. 
This needed a liner because it's so sheer. 
But it is a pretty semi-sheer golden nude nonetheless.
Lightly lined with Mac Spice.

Royal Ball - Lined with Mac Whirl
Prettiest LE Lustre lippie from the Mac Cinderella collection. 
Fleshy shimmery pink that went on almost opaque. 
So unlike a Lustre. 
Lightly lined with Mac Whirl.

What is your favorite Mac Cinderella product?

Stay sweet lovelies!

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