Monday, July 6, 2015

CoverGirl Lipstick Review

Here are a couple of CoverGirl lipsticks 
that you should check out next time you're at the store.
They've had these new shades out for a while that
corresponds to a study they did in conjunction with Harvard
on popular lip colors and lipstick personalities.
More can be found on my IG previously posted. 
So check it out!

CG 245 honeyed bloom lipstick
CG 245 Honeyed Bloom Lipstick
is a pretty soft pink.
Very creamy and pigmented.

CG Lipsticks
 CG 235 Dulce de Leche Lipstick
is a pretty pale beige.
I used Mac Creamola to line which is no longer available.
However you can use any nude lipliner for this effect.
CG 235 dulce de leche lipsstick

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Stay sweet lovelies!

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