Saturday, July 25, 2015

Soufeel Jewelry Review

Soufeel comes in this adorable textured gift box with blue ribbon.

Jewelry is near and dear to my heart.
I used to make my own handmade jewelry a while back.

So when I was given an opportunity recently to review an online jewelry company called "Soufeel", I couldn't have been more excited.

Soufeel was founded in 2011 with a direct to consumer model offering many items and trendy collections such as earrings, neckless, rings, bracelets and charms.

Their slogan is "For Every Memorable Day". You can delightfully customize your jewelry selection to celebrate those memorable days. Soufeel's products are sold in six continents such as North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. They've also adopted 925 Sterling Silver and colored gems as their main raw materials. So you are getting good quality.

Well now that you know a bit about the company onto the drool pics! 
I got to experience their adorable charm bracelet for myself.

Adorable gift box with all jewelry items in sealed plastic bags.

I selected 4 charms. 
Soufeel's charms are 925 Sterling Silver.
They can fit the the Pandora and Chamilia bracelets
however Soufeel's offers the best selections at the lowest prices.

Vintage Camera Charm 
This is the Vintage Camera Charm in 925 Sterling Silver.
It's perfect as it reminds me of my love for photography.

France Eiffel Tower Charm
The second charm I choose was the Eiffel Tower Charm in 925 Sterling Silver.
Part of my family is French so this is endearing.

The third charm I selected is the UK Big Ben Charm in 925 Sterling Silver.
I've always wanted to go to the UK…one day.

Red Travel Suitcase Charm 
The fourth charm I choose is the Red Travel Suitcase Charm in 925 Sterling Silver.
If you've been following me for any length of time, you know my love of photography and travel, I just simply need to do more of it!

Soufeel 925 Sterling Silver Clasp
I do want to add that the clasp is amazingly easy to put on and take off by yourself!

Silver Black Leather Charm Bracelet
I choose the Silver Black Leather Charm Bracelet for my charms.
I love the feel of leather.

Make sure that you select your size from the drop down list.
I choose 22"cm=8.66" size.

I used a tape measure to size my wrist and you might want to do the same if you don't know what size to order. I don't like my bracelets to be too tight or overly loose. 
So this was just perfect.

I'm ready now for my around-the-world trip!

Simply Adorbs! 

I think I found a great gift item to pair with a lippie (or without) 
for the next friend and family birthday!

Satin cushioned box interior.

Soufeel has current special offers:

When you spend $59, $79 or $99, 
you will get a pair of free earrings, a free charm and enjoy free sterling silver bracelet!

They offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 
a 365-day return and exchange guarantee.

If that's not all, Soufeel's is offering a special coupon code for you guys~ 
my fans and followers!!

>>>Just use 5ANNA to receive 5% off on any order.<<<

Now go get you some Soufeel.
And enjoy.

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Stay sweet lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: The Soufeel products featured in this post were sent to me for review.
Please do not use my photos without my permission.