Liebster Award Nominated Blog

Thank you to Chemi of for selecting me for the Leibster Award nomination!

While I don't know of many or really any new bloggers with small fan followings, I'd love for you to shoot me an email. So I can add you to the nomination list!

I wanted to respond to the 11 questions that are part of the rules.

I'm including the rules here from Chemi's blog.

"An interesting way of promoting and discovering new bloggers who have small fan following, it's a kind of game with some rules which have to be followed by the persons who are nominated. The rules are simple just thank the blogger who nominated you, give their blog link on your post and answer your 11 questions than select 11 new bloggers with small fan following and nominate their names in your post and make 11 question for them and at last leave a comment on their blog that u have nominated them in Liebster Award." ~Chemi

In the meantime, here are the answers to the questions posted by Chemi.

Q1: What is your blog about?
Duchess: Mostly lipstick. But I do reviews on other products. I like to have variety through all of the different social media sites but still remain consistent.

Q2: Name your two favorite beauty brand ?
Duchess: Just two?! Ugh, so hard. Well, M.A.C. and second fav would be Sephora…ha ha I'm cheating because Sephora has all the other brands that I love!

Q3: What is your favorite blog and why?
Duchess: I love looking at's blog. Usually drooling over her product shots and swatches.

Q4: 3 things u can not live with out?
Duchess: Lol… this reminds me of a post I did on IG which was "My Apocalyptic Survival Kit". But that has changed. Well, 1) Lancome Dual Finish Powder 2) They're Real Mascara by Benefit and 3) M.A.C. lipstick preferably RiRiWoo.

Q5: Lip stain vs lip gloss what u prefer?
Duchess: Neither actually. I'm a matte and semi-matte lipstick girl. I prefer staying power also liquid to matte lip products. Although if these were the only choice then it would have to be the YSL Lip Stains aka Rebel Nudes. Those rock!

Q6: Where do u want to see your blog in next 2 or 3 years?
Duchess: I'm not particularly fond of answering 'future type' questions. I always hope for the best really. No ambition here. I do what I like to to which is play with makeup.

Q7: In your life, what brings you the most happiness?
Duchess: My family.

Q8: Your Favorite makeup artist?
Duchess: It would have to be Kevyn Aucoin. He showed the truly transformative powers of makeup. I have both of his books.

Q9: 3 words about your self which describe u completely? 
Duchess: Three words! lol…ok... Creative, mysterious and exhausted. I do too much.

Q10: What is your new year resolution?
Duchess: To cut back on my lipstick addiction. Ha, wish me luck!

Q11: What made you smile today ?
Duchess: Me, my sense of humor…I love making jokes and comics.
And no I'm not narcissistic by any means!

Stay sweet lovelies!
Remember it's only lipstick.

To those beauty bloggers that I will be adding more to this list eventually, here are your 11 Questions (drum roll…)

1. When did you start blogging?
2. What's the goal of your blog?
3. What's your favorite lipstick of all time?
4. Where do you get your inspiration from?
5. What fashion icon do you admire for their beauty looks?
6. What's your favorite cosmetics brand?
7. If you could describe your personality by picking an animal, what would it be?
8. Name one product you can't live without and why?
9. Name a fav blogger?
10. What beauty products do you need to take when you travel?
11. What is your fav blog post that you've ever written?

I'm nominating:

her new blog name is